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DOES16 Video Chat #3 Recap

We’ve officially begun our countdown—20 days until the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16) begins! This week, we continued our DOES16 video chat series with the third of four discussions. The chat, hosted by our founding partner, Electric Cloud as part of their Continuous Discussions podcast (#c9d9), featured several DOES16 speakers, each offering a glimpse into the topics they will cover at
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Selecting Which Value Stream to Start With

Part 1 of 4: Where to Start with DevOps Series Choosing the best value stream for your DevOps transformation deserves careful consideration. Not only does the value stream we choose dictate the difficulty of your transformation, but it also dictates who will be involved in the transformation, how we organize the teams, and how we can best enable those teams
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What to Expect from DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2016

Many have asked me what I’m looking forward to at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 in San Francisco — it is the third year of our conference, and I think it will be our best conference yet! Here are three of the things I’m looking forward to most: Where Are They Now? First off, we will have seven speakers back to present
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DevOps Enterprise Summit (#c9d9) Video Chat, Take 3!

Can you believe we’re only one month away from DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco? Time flies when you’re having fun – and even faster when you’re deploying updates at the speed of the unicorns! Who says the horses can’t be as fast, or faster? As the DevOps community pulls together to identify and amplify the best principles and practices around modern
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The Three Ways Revisited | The DevOps Handbook

Wondering if The DevOps Handbook is for you? Authors, Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois and John Willis developed this book for anyone looking to transform their IT organization—especially those who want to make serious changes through the DevOps methodology in order to increase productivity, profitability and win the marketplace. It is the all-inclusive guide for planning and executing DevOps
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The DevOps Handbook | Debunking DevOps Myths

Despite its rise in popularity, there are still a number of fallacies circulating around DevOps. While successful business and IT transformation case studies abound, these myths have unfortunately led some leaders and organizations to believe that DevOps principles and practices are not suitable or relevant to their unique situations. The DevOps Handbook co-authors and DevOps pioneers – Gene Kim, Jez
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DOES16 Video Chat #2 Recap

It’s hard to believe the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16) is only one month away! We can’t wait to connect, teach and learn with our friends and colleagues in the vibrant DevOps community. Earlier this week, Gene hosted a video chat with our founding partner, Electric Cloud, as part of their Continuous Discussions podcast (#c9d9). This was the second in
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CASE STUDY: The Birth of Automated Testing at Google in 2005

The inside story on the problems the GWS team at Google needed to solve in 2005 that resulted in one of the most admired cultures of automated testing around. By implementing the right principles and patterns, Development and QA are using production-like environments in their daily work, and we are successfully integrating and running our code into a production-like environment
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CASE STUDY: Etsy, Sprouter and Conway’s Law

How we organize our teams affects how we perform our work. Dr. Melvin Conway proved this with a famous experiment he performed in 1968 with a contract research organization that had eight people who were commissioned to produce a COBOL and an ALGOL compiler. He observed, “After some initial estimates of difficulty and time, five people were assigned to the
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DevOps Handbook Author Highlight Reel

Many of you may already know who Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis are… but even for those who are familiar with their work, you can read more about the history of my relationship with my fellow co-authors on this post. Here are some of my “best of” videos and blog posts for each of them. John Willis One of
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