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DevOps Reading List

As I travel the globe spreading the word of DevOps I find my self having to repeatedly go back and make up reading lists for people.  Here are some of those lists..

My Posts over the past few years…

What Devops Means to Me (2010)

DevOps Driven Demand (2011)

The Five Why’s of Cloud (2011)

The Convergence of DevOps (2012)

DevOps Culture (Part 1) (2012)

DevOps Culture (Part 2) (2012)

Deming to DevOps (Part 1) (2012)

Book Reading List

The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education

Out of the Crisis

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

Beyond the Goal: Eliyahu Goldratt Speaks on the Theory of Constraints

Other Great Reads

What is DevOps? (dev2ops)

What Is DevOps? (agilesysadmin)

What Is This DevOps Thing, Anyway? (

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