"The DevOps Enterprise Forum's mission is to bring together technology leaders and facilitate a dialogue that solves problems
and overcomes obstacles in the DevOps movement. Our goal is to
create guidance on the best-known methods for overcoming these obstacles and to share that guidance with the technology
community at large."
—Gene Kim, author, researcher and founder of IT Revolution


Evaluating organizational models with a DevOps lens

While the traditional IT organization is structured into functional silos, DevOps relies on empowered, cross-functional teams. Is it possible to blend the two approaches and work within the traditional structure? Or do you need to restructure your organization to support DevOps? This paper discusses ways to approach organization with DevOps in mind. 

DevOps Patterns and Tactics

If you are leading a DevOps transformation, a large part of your success will come from your ability to lead change at different levels in the organization. Achieving these changes will be hard, time-consuming, and require persistence but are worth the effort when your organization begins reaping the benefits from the transformation.This paper explores a variety of tactics that can be used to help achieve the mindset changes required and influence behavior and actions. 

Compliance and Security

Coming soon, a paper exploring concrete ways for DevOps to bridge the information security and compliance gap, as well as showing auditors that effective controls exist to prevent, detect and correct problems. 

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Modern Technical Practices

Coming soon, a paper exploring modern architectural and technical practices that every technology leader needs to know.

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Video: How NOT to do DevOps

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015, Forum group members Mark Peterson and Ross Clanton presented on "How NOT to do DevOps."

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An Unlikely Union: DevOps and Audit

Many organizations are adopting DevOps patterns and practices, and are enjoying the benefits that come from that adoption: More speed. Higher quality. Better value. However, many organizations often get stymied when dealing with information security, compliance, and audit requirements. There seems to be a misconception that DevOps practices won’t work in organizations which are under SOX or PCI regulations.

Implementing Test Automation for Legacy Code

This document addresses how to meet and overcome the challenges associated with test automation for legacy code. It will look at the type of company that may have a need for test automation, along with the typical organizational structure found there. In addition, it walks through objections that are commonly raised, and tactics for overcoming those objections.

Mythbusting DevOps in the Enterprise

Anyone leading a company through a DevOps transformation will encounter minor to significant internal skepticism or lack concrete experience. This document lists the most common leadership and cultural traps and provides high-level reassurance and evidence that DevOps practices are generally applicable and plausibly successful in enterprise environments.

Metrics for DevOps Initiatives

Advancing the state of measurement practice is an important foundation for improving software delivery economics. This paper summarizes a position on DevOps measurement that we intend to be a catalyst for accelerating more mature guidance on measuring and steering software delivery.