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Bill is an IT manager at Parts Unlimited and he likes his job. He is good at it and so far, he’s managed to steer clear of the problems and politics. But Monday morning, on his way into the office, he gets the call that will change his career path forever. The revolving door of the CIO suite has claimed its latest victim. Bill’s boss has been shown the door.

Faced with another quarter of missed earnings, a looming rollout of a major project, and chronic outages, the CEO has had enough and is taking over as CIO. He wants Bill to move up, report directly to him and fix the mess. Unsure of this plan, Bill takes the job anyway and things get worse fast. The CEO gives Bill ninety days to fix IT or the entire department is going to be outsourced.

With the help of prospective board member Erik Reid and his mysterious philosophy of The Three Ways, Bill starts to see that all the work has more in common with a manufacturing floor than he ever imagined. With the clock ticking, Bill must organize how work must be done, streamline the department, effectively serve other business functions at Parts Unlimited and change the very nature of how the business views IT.

The only question is “How?”…

“This is a great book that shows how to break down silos, understand end to end processes, implement proactive management and maintenance practices, manage by fact, and fix security issues that matters instead of obeying arbitrary checklists. 'The Phoenix Project' demonstrates how security can contribute effectively and share skills that align with the business using manufacturing principals that have worked for decades. We've known the 'what' for years, and this book provides the missing 'how' and 'why,' so that we can focus on what the customer and company needs, put sensible solutions in place, stop spouting meaningless jargon, driven by templates and inflicting unusable process on people that were never involve the creation. Highly recommended!” –Sue Meek, Information Security Analyst

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