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Announcing The First Audio Excerpt of The UnicornProject! (…it’s when I finally stopped worrying, because it’s when I learned that I really love this book!!)

To my surprise, among the top questions I’ve been asked about The Unicorn Project is, “When will the audiobook be available?” I’ve been so excited that the audiobook version of The Unicorn Project will be launched at the same time as the hardcover and ebook—and it’s been soooo difficult to not tell everyone about something […]

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Bank on Open Source for DevOps Success

Open source has been one of the core elements in Capital One’s digital transformation journey over the past 6 years. In this presentation, Topo Pal and Jamie Specter, will explain why open source is a necessary part of the journey, the pain points they have experienced along the way, and how their engineers partner with […]

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Get Answers to Your Auditing Questions at DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas

As you plan your own agenda and schedule for DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas, we want to bring one session in particular to your attention.   If you attended our London event in June, you may recall the session, DevOps from an Auditor’s Perspective. It provided such a positive response from attendees that we have decided […]

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