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May 12, 2020

A Note from the Authors of Agile Conversations

By IT Revolution

Hello friends!

After years of research, learning, and practice, we’re so glad that we can finally bring you Agile Conversations

It started for us in a small study group, seeking to improve our own communication skills. Encouraged by our initial success, we began working with others. Now, after working with more than 100 companies and thousands of individuals, we’re confident these skills can radically and rapidly change the dynamics in an organization.

Along the way we’ve seen far too many stuck, stalled, derailed, and failed transformations of one kind or another, be they Agile or Lean, DevOps or Digital. Attempts to create better results too often end up in frustration and finger-pointing. 

You can imagine our relief when we found a way to escape: treating conversations as first-class objects of study and improvement for software teams. It turns out there are comprehensible, repeatable techniques—like Test-Driven Development for PeopleCoherence Busting, and Briefing and Back Briefing—that help teams address issues like trust, fear, motivation, commitment, and accountability. Over and over again we see that the result is a highly collaborative, generative culture that drives agile thinking and dramatic results.

In Agile Conversations, we lay out detailed, step-by-step methods you can start applying today to improve your conversations—with nothing more than a piece of paper, a pen, and a willingness to learn. The book is full of exercises and suggestions for practice; it’s a hands-on, how-to guide, the “missing manual” for making digital transformations successful. And we give you our solemn permission to scribble notes and ideas all over it.

We look forward to hearing from you—at—as you transform your conversations and transform your culture.

Keep talking,

Squirrel and Jeffrey

- About The Authors
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IT Revolution

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