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August 3, 2021

Announcing New Book from David Anderson

By IT Revolution

IT Revolution is excited to announced the acquisition of a new book from technology leader David Anderson.

Technology is moving faster than ever, and today’s business leaders need the ability to experiment and maximize outcomes from their technology investment. An effective engineering function is critical and must fully align with business goals. Well architected systems evolve quickly, perform well and keep maintenance costs down.

The book will offer a solution to help businesses align engineering functions with business goals. It will be structured using the Wardley Strategy Cycle and has Wardley maps throughout to illustrate all the key concepts. It will delve deeply into a mindset that allows for key accelerators such as Developer Experience, team enablement, leadership alignment, and out-of-the-box patterns that will propel organizations.

Finally, readers will explore the leadership approach needed to guide the evolution and movement of technology, people, and the markets, providing the foundations for a strong narrative, transparency, and fast feedback loops and alignment. These three components will show how a company can exploit new and novel practices.

“Technology is moving into a new paradigm. The need for cohesion between business and technology has never been greater, and we need to simplify the technology narrative. We must end the bait and switch narrative that some vendors thrive on. A poor Cloud strategy will not fix your business. This approach gives your technology leadership a suite of techniques that will move you toward a serverless-first organization and fully modernize your approach to technology.” —David Anderson.

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  • DevOps Course In Bangalore Aug 6, 2021 10:45 am

    Great Article with the good informative content. We have shared in our friends circle and social media. This make us to learn towards business development

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