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June 6, 2023

Announcing the Spring 2023 DevOps Enterprise Journal

By IT Revolution

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Spring 2023 DevOps Enterprise Journal (Volume 5, Issue 1). In the spring edition of each journal, we publish papers based on some of the presentations from the previous year’s DevOps Enterprise Summit.

The Spring 2023 edition includes five papers, ranging in topic from DevOps for government to platform as a product to strategic sourcing and managing the flow of value. The authors are top leaders, practitioners, and consultants. Keep reading for a brief description of each paper.

Please follow this link to download your free copy.

The Future of Government Operations

There is a perception that Agile ways of working cannot be applied in a government setting. However, this perception is far from the truth. Authors Saahil Panikar (CIO of Atlas Revolutions), Lindy Quick (Senior Business Agility Consultant at LNQ Consultants), and Saajan Panikar (Enterprise Transformation Coach and Agile Program Manager at GovCIO) have observed a growing need for a systematic approach to Agile within government.

The government operations and vision (GOV) framework presented in this paper provides the foundation for linking government structures to Agile ways of working, including linking to mission and value delivery. Government operations enable value-added, mission-oriented decision-making across the enterprise. This function surrounds the government and contractor teams with the support needed to make the best decisions and move forward.

Managing the Flow of Value in Service Organizations

Organizations are unanimous that a healthy flow of value is one of the most telling leading indicators of successful businesses. Many books and experience reports discuss flow from the perspective of product-led organizations. There is, however, a strange shortage of experience reports discussing flow in service-oriented organizations.

In this paper from Ivan Krnic, Director of Engineer at CROZ and host of the 0-800-DEVOPS podcast, shows how service organizations can manage a healthy flow, including how to address challenges not present at product organizations.

Platform as a Product

Improving the flow of software delivery is a complex problem. People, processes, and tools are all part of an integrated system, and ignoring that system view yields poor results. Instead, organizations must use a holistic approach that impacts everything they do. One critical link in the toolchain is effective platforms that focus on developer experience (DevEx) and enable teams to deliver with less effort.

This paper from Bryan Finster, Value Stream Architect for Defense Unicorns, and Justin Thomsen, Group Technical Product Manager – Developer Experience at John Deere, shares a case study of improving software delivery at Walmart using continuous delivery and platform as a product.

DevOps for SAP

Overcoming old ways of work is one of the main challenges for all companies worldwide. Even though there are areas inside those companies that apply best practices for development and operations, there are likely still several others that still lack basic improvements. One of the areas inside big enterprises that still moves slowly toward modernization with DevOps practices is the SAP area.

In this paper from Guilherme Sesterheim, SAP DevOps SRE Engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS), readers will get a step-by-step assessment of how to modernize a typical SAP installation.

Strategic Sourcing for a Digital Transformation

Over the years, the DevOps community has identified many patterns and antipatterns that help people on the journey of digital transformation. Over the last few years, one of the patterns that kept showing up was that in the vast majority of successful enterprise transformations, the sourcing of the IT function shifted quite dramatically from outsourced to insourced.

This paper, by Ben Grinnell, Managing Director and Global Lead of the Technology and Digital Service Line at North Highland, lays out the reasons DevOps transformations in outsourced ecosystems are more difficult than those in insourced ecosystems, and provides seven actions readers can take to improve their chances of success.

To get your free copy of the Spring 2023 DevOps Enterprise Journal, please follow this link.

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