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May 15, 2017

Gene Kim and John Willis Discuss “Beyond The Phoenix Project” with SDTimes

By IT Revolution
SDTimes webinar

The excitement is building as DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2017 is now less than one month away! In preparation for the event, Gene Kim and John Willis, DOES17 London programming committee members and co-authors of “The DevOps Handbook,” united to join Editor-In-Chief David Rubinstein for an SDTimes webinar.

During the webinar, Kim and Willis had a lively discussion around a project they’re collaborating on (an audio podcast) called “Beyond the Phoenix Project,” which is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Kim and Willis first shared how they met and some of their personal inspirations including the book “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt and the work of American engineer William Deming. Willis went on to explain how the evolution of scientific theories and processes, from Darwin to Deming, has led to DevOps as we know it today. Deming is especially linked with modern-day Lean processes, as he was the first to bring Lean Manufacturing over to Japan after the second World War, which America later adopted. These Lean processes moved from manufacturing to software and have now matured into DevOps. It was truly a fascinating and eye-opening discussion!

You can expect more engaging, inspiring and helpful conversations like this in the hallways, at lunch, during networking events, and anywhere there is time and space to chat at DevOps Enterprise Summit events. Something we hear over and over again is how many people made connections they were not expecting to make at the show, and felt a sense of relief that so many others were going through the same struggles they face in their own DevOps transformation journeys. At the core of it, the DevOps Enterprise Summit community is a place for software delivery practitioners and leaders to unite, share their knowledge, and do what they can to help each other succeed—much as Kim and Willis do for each other.

Want to dive in with us? There is still time to register for the event, taking place 5-6 June at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre:  Expect two jam-packed days of keynotes, breakout sessions, Q&A sessions with speakers, workshops, networking and so much more! You can start building your agenda now.   

Watch SDTimes webinar replay

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