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November 16, 2017

Day 3 Recap: DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2017

By IT Revolution

That’s a wrap! The third and final day of the DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco was a huge success. Special thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, partners, and attendees for making DevOps Enterprise Summit a reality! We heard amazing stories across a spectrum of industries, including telecom (Verizon) to retail (Nike) to financial services (Nationwide and Barclays) and more. Despite the different marketplaces, the common thread amongst all presenters was DevOps has grown beyond its initial pockets within organizations and is now beginning to permeate throughout the enterprise.

It’s so great to see DevOps community continue to gather and eagerly share experiences—both trials and successes—as we move from adoption to measuring and gaining bottom-line value. Patterns and characteristics of high-performing enterprise software organizations are emerging, and together we are all forging new technology and process approaches that make DevOps synonymous with organizational success.   

Probably one of the most memorable takeaways from this year’s DOES17 conference was again how people from all facets of the software delivery lifecycle came together and discussed ways to work more collaboratively to overcome the all-too-familiar problems we each encounter in our daily software delivery challenges. People were reaching out for answers and found them through the many daily talks, “Ask the Speaker” sessions, Lightning Talks and just plain ol’ networking. Bringing more minds to the table offers not only solutions, though, but a richer experience for us all to take back to our everyday work lives.

That is the stuff that we hope makes the DevOps Enterprise Summit the most valuable investment and experience the 1,400+ folks had for 2017.

Through your feedback and sharing, we will continue to always improve and help DevOps continue to grow and flourish through organizations of all kinds and sizes.



Graphic recordings by Christopher Fuller


We hope you enjoyed DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco this year! Be sure to join us at the next DevOps Enterprise Summit London from 25–26 June 2018! 

Did you not have a chance to capture a favorite slide during the show? Download and view the slides from the entire event on the GitHub repository >>>

Did you miss a session? Or want to go back and re-watch one of your favorite talks? Check out our YouTube channel >>>

Have any questions, feedback or requests? Please be sure to send us a note >>>

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