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March 2, 2023

Sneak Peek at IT Revolution’s 2023 Book List

By Leah Brown

You can feel the energy throughout our virtual offices here at IT Revolution: 2023 is going to be a big year. Not only are we celebrating our 10th anniversary of publishing books for leaders in the digital age, but we are about to release more first-edition titles in one year than ever before! From the highly anticipated new book from Gene Kim and Steven Spear, to a handbook for Industrial DevOps, and a guide for finding your perfect work match, we are bursting at the seams with amazing content.

Are you excited? We hope you are because we’re nearly jumping out of our seats to tell you about all the good things coming this year. In fact, we’re so anxious we thought we’d give you all a little sneak peek of what’s to come. Hold onto your hats, folks, 2023 is going to be a fun ride!

Beyond Agile Auditing

(Coming May 2023)

First up, this May we’re looking forward to bringing you our first book that directly addresses a phase of business and software development that, well, let’s say hasn’t always been the most eagerly anticipated: internal audit.

But, just like DevOps helped revolutionize what was once an antagonistic relationship between two groups, so does this new book from experienced auditor Clarissa Lucas. Beyond Agile Auditing: Three Core Components to Revolutionize Your Internal Audit Practices shows organizations how to go beyond forced collaboration and build a true partnership between auditors and clients. After all, in the end, it’s all about delivering value.

Clarissa’s easy voice and willingness to share her personal failures and successes makes this not just an accessible read for auditors and nonauditors alike, it humanizes a vital entity in the organization. You can start reading an excerpt from the book here, and stay tuned to our blog for more articles about the book.

Adaptive Ethics for Digital Transformation

(Coming July 2023)

This summer, the iconoclastic author Mark Schwartz is back with his fifth book. Building on the work of his previous four books, Mark dives into a subject that is rife with conflict, drama, and dread but is vitally important to everything we do: ethics.

In Adaptive Ethics for Digital Transformation: A New Approach for Enterprise Leaders in the Digital Age (Featuring Frankenstein vs. the Gingerbread Man), Mark tackles what, in our rapidly changing world, we need to learn to think differently about relationships with customers and employees. The bureaucratic ethics of the 20th century don’t hold true in the dynamic, emerging landscape of the digital age. He shows that the ethics of digital transformation are a matter of cultivating and applying virtues rather than applying rules.

But don’t worry, this isn’t your typical academic tome of ethics and morals that you use to prop up your laptop for video chats. This is a uniquely Mark Schwartz take on the subject, full of wit, humor, keen observation, and even some inspiring words on our future.

Deming’s Journey to Profound Knowledge

(ebook Early Release August 2023, Paperback Release January 2024)

If you know anything about author and technologist John Willis, or if you’ve followed his podcast, then you know he has a deep interest and fascination with the life and work of W. Edwards Deming. In fact, John spent the last ten years researching and reading everything he could about Deming, his life, and his work. And it’s no surprise, as Deming’s work has been so influential on how we work today.

In Deming’s Journey to Profound Knowledge: How Deming Helped Win a War, Altered the Face of Industry, and Holds the Key to Our Future, John Willis and Derek Lewis tell the story that hasn’t been told: how W. Edwards Deming discovered the four elements of Profound Knowledge and how this knowledge can be applied today to save us from the cybersecurity crisis that is at our feet.

Part business history, part biography, part journey into deep business sense, this book is rich in storytelling. We’ll be releasing an early ebook edition this summer and then follow up with the paperback edition in early 2024.

Wrong Fit, Right Fit

(Coming September 2023)

If you were at DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas in 2022, you might have attended a particularly popular and inspiring presentation from chief talent and learning officer Andre Martin, PhD. He spoke about hiring and job seeking as more than fitting the right skills with the right job. Instead, unlocking your full potential or that of your employees has as much to do with right fit as skill or culture. In the words of the author, “this book will help you see the world through the lens of right and wrong fit versus good or bad culture.” 

This fall, Dr. Martin will bring his years of experience and research into the new book Wrong Fit, Right Fit: Why How We Work Matters More Than Ever. The book is full of questions for self reflection, a right fit/wrong fit assessment (who doesn’t love a quiz!), and provides strategies (buffers) to help alleviate the problems a wrong fit experience can cause. I think it’s safe to say this could easily be the next Atomic Habits or Who Moved My Cheese?

Industrial DevOps

(Coming October 2023)

The benefits of adopting agile ways of working are well-understood in the digital world. But if you work in the world of cyber-physical systems (systems that combine software, hardware, and firmware), many think it is still too risky. But with today’s speed of change, the true risk is not changing.

Dr. Suzette Johnson and Robin Yeman combine their decades of experience to present a fresh way of building complex systems in the digital age. Industrial DevOps: Build Better Systems Faster shows readers how to effectively apply Agile and DevOps ways of working to cyber-physical systems, which presents the opportunity to reap huge rewards, including increased adaptability, shorter delivery schedules, reduced development cost, increased quality, and higher transparency into delivery.

Through 9 key principles, Industrial DevOps provides the foundational success patterns for the development of cyber-physical systems in the digital age. If your work crosses the digital/physical boundary, then this is a book you can’t afford to miss.

Wiring the Winning Organization

(Coming November 2023)

It’s no secret that for the past several years, Gene Kim and Steven Spear, DBA, have been researching what makes some organizations achieve enviable levels of success in highly competitive markets while others falter. Is there a secret sauce? Could there be a unifying theory of business success in the digital age? And what does moving a couch have to do with it?

Gene and Steve have looked at the failures and successes from the last 150 years, searching for commonalities, something that we can look to to reap the same levels of success. This fall, in their highly anticipated book, they will present their findings, three components of organizational advantage: simplification, slowification, and amplification.

Through their exhaustive research and interviews, they have found that it is these components that create coherence across large, complex organizations, empowering them to architect enviable success in the market.

I think it’s easy to say we’ll be ending 2023 with a bang. This book will surely become the thing we talk about for years to come.

Stay tuned throughout the year as we bring you more details, excerpts, and announcements about what to expect from IT Revolution in 2023, including the return of The Idealcast podcast, our next Immersion Courses, and of course the dates for our 2023 DevOps Enterprise Summits (just to name a few). Plus, pay close attention for a very big, very illuminating announcement later this year.

- About The Authors
Leah Brown

Leah Brown

Managing Editor at IT Revolution working on publishing books for the modern business leader.

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