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December 14, 2022

Top Ten Videos of 2022

By IT Revolution

Now that we’ve taken a look at the top ten articles from 2022, let’s also break down the most watched videos from 2022. This list includes advice for business leadership from Jon Smart, and experience reports from Airbnb, Disney Global SRE, and TJX. Plus, videos of team interaction, the value flywheel effect, and a very special musical extravaganza that can’t be missed.

1. Organizing for Outcomes

This presentation from Sooner Safer Happier author and thought leader Jonathan Smart details antipatterns and patterns on the topic of organizing for outcomes (across the whole org, not IT only), from first-hand experience and from a range of large organizations. Do you want to rearrange the deck chairs (#AsYouWere) or do you want better outcomes? It seems that every company on the planet is getting more tribal. That is, adopting long-lived multidisciplinary teams, “our business” in scope, aligned to the consumer and the flow of value (aka Value Streams). 

2. Automated Change Management

Gus Paul, Executive Director of Application Infrastructure at Morgan Stanley, talks about the process of automating change management. He shows how to use development activities and data-driven automated assessment of the risk of making a change to production, such that changes were automatically approved, resulting in both better delivery outcomes and reduced risk of change implementation.

3. The Value Flywheel Effect Creates Space for Innovation

Creating confidence in the technology team is critical at every company. The flywheel effect occurs when we balance business strategy (via Wardley mapping) with technology strategy (via Modern cloud). Authors of the new book The Value Flywheel Effect, David Anderson and Michael O’Reilly create a Wardley Map to show how to use the value flywheel to build confidence, improve your cloud stance, and create space for innovation. Many business leaders ask for innovation and speed, but it’s really problem prevention, modern cloud, and good developer experience that unlock higher value capability. Watch this talk to see how.

4. Enabling IT Operations

Moira Cheng, IT Operations – DevSecOps Transformation Programme Manager at Vodafone, presents a new experience story about a program set out to enable and transform IT Operations for DevOps. Cheng feels that DevOps has largely been driven by Dev, and there has been a general feeling in Operations that DevOps has been “done to us.” This is an opportunity to share that Operations are here at the DevOps table and we’d like to demonstrate how this different approach to transformation can work. Ops has the same ambition, and they’d like to encourage others to collaborate closely with their Operations counterparts to achieve true DevOps harmony.

5. Leader Development Workshop: Connections, Character, Competence

In this recording of their dynamic hour-long workshop, Admiral John Richardson and Captain Emily Bassett share their distilled lessons on what is important to deliberately develop leaders in an organization. Teams are absolutely, ravenously hungry for good leadership because they want to be, well, led. Leaders should want to lead to make their teams better, to make each of the individuals healthier, to keep them on the team, and make them want to come back and continue to work for that team. This workshop is not to be missed and was undoubtedly one of the most talked about presentations from 2022.

6. How to Help Teams Interact in a Remote-First World – A Team API Role Play Example

From the coauthors of the wildly popular Team Topologies, this inventive role-play presentation blew audiences away. In it, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais explain and then simulate the use of the Team API pattern using a role-play scenario between two teams. They show how an evolving Team API can help to turn confrontations into positive interactions, clarify expectations, and help teams to work effectively in a remote-first or hybrid context. In the new remote-first and hybrid workplace, many organizations struggle to catch up with new tooling and ways of working. This presentation gives clear solutions and examples of ways to move forward.

7. TJX: Beyond DevOps

In this experience report, Vivek Gupta, Vice President, of Engineering at TJX, tells the story of TJX’s IT Transformation and our learnings. TJX is a Fortune 100 global retailer (9 countries, 5 e-comm sites, and 4500+ stores) that went through a drastic transformation to completely change how we deliver technology to our global business by applying product, agile, DevOps, and engineering principles, techniques, and mindsets at scale.

8. Disney Global SRE: Creating Digital Magic

In this presentation, Jason Cox tells you a story about a century-old organization that has scaled its SRE practice to ignite digital magic across the globe. This team of SRE Jedi Knights is on a mission to foster curiosity, communities of practice, and technology awesomeness while venturing where no SRE has gone before. In this talk, Cox delivers epic stories of successes, setbacks, and failures while pushing large-scale platforms to their limit and delivering the best in-seat, digital experiences, products, and content to our guests and subscribers across the globe. Scaling SRE & Embedded Teams in the EnterpriseChampion best practices in Infrastructure, Automation, and Delivering with reliability at the core. Building a high-functioning Global SRE Organization that fosters a great culture, believes strongly in automation, removing toil, IaC, and improving processes.

9. Transformed: A Music DevOps Journey

Forrest Brazeal, Developer Communities at Google, brings a unique experience to the 2022 DevOps Enterprise Summit with a musical performance. This recording brings together several of his well-known songs and an exclusive new one. Plus, Brazeal highlights his work with the Cloud Resume Challenge.

10. Airbnb’s Nimble Evolution: Chapter One – How Airbnb is Evolving Its Ways of Working 

This is a case study of Airbnb’s Nimble ways of working evolution within its Community Support division. In it, Anna Steel, Head Of Ways of Working Center of Enablement (HO WoW CoE) at Airbnb, and Marcus Braszell, Partner at Sooner Safer Happier LTD, provide practical advice and tips to improve ways of working as well as learnings from the patterns we’ve experimented with, in a context that goes beyond IT. 

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