DevOps for the Modern Enterprise

Winning Practices to Transform Legacy IT Organizations


Winner of the 2018 DevOps Dozen Best DevOps Book!
Thought leader Mirco Hering lays out a roadmap to success for IT managers of legacy organizations to propel their organization to success and transform into modern IT leaders.

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Ebook: What Got You Here Won't Get You There

Download the “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” ebook here.

In this ebook, Mirco Hering uses practical experience and real-life examples to show how the old models of transformation won’t get you where you need to go. Hering provides pragmatic steps for your organization to help you chart your own course to a successful transformation.

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  • Many organizations are facing the uphill battle of modernizing their legacy IT infrastructure. Most have evolved over the years by taking lessons from traditional or legacy manufacturing: creating a production process that puts the emphasis on the process instead of the people performing the tasks, allowing the organization to treat people like resources to try to achieve high-quality outcomes. But those practices and ideas are failing modern IT, where collaboration and creativeness are required to achieve high-performing, high-quality success.

    Mirco Hering, a thought leader in managing IT within legacy organizations, lays out a roadmap to success for IT managers, showing them how to create the right ecosystem, how to empower people to bring their best to work every day, and how to put the right technology in the driver’s seat to propel their organization to success.

    But just having the right methods and tools will not magically transform an organization; the cultural change that is the hardest is also the most impactful. Using principles from Agile, Lean, and DevOps as well as first-hand examples from the enterprise world, Hering addresses the different challenges that legacy organizations face as they transform into modern IT departments.

  • “A pragmatic view on IT and DevOps that doesn’t just focus on the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ based on first-hand experience.”

    —Ajay Nair, DevOps Architect

    This is a truly practical companion book to the other leading publications in the DevOps space. Mirco shares real-world lessons from many years of collective experience and provides tried and tested exercises for you to use to help drive insights and improvements in your organization.”

    —Emily Arnautovic, Software Architect

    Mirco knows his stuff. He has a way of stating simple choices and framing options that encourage action. His unique perspective on how to transform your IT organization, especially when you have heavily invested in outsourcing, are both thoughtful and practical. After you read his book, make sure to subscribe to his blog. You want to make sure to have Mirco by your side as you go through this transformation.”

    —Mustafa Kapadia, Digital Transformation Lead, IBM

    This is a much needed book on building teamwork to drive technology infrastructure efforts. Mirco introduces a simple set of processes and well reasoned principles to align the organization, transform technology infrastructure, and deliver value for customers.”

    —Eric Passmore, Partner Director of Commerce, Microsoft

    DevOps is a hot topic. Pretty much every major organization wants it, and pretty much every major organization is struggling to come to grips with what ‘it’ is and exactly how to get it. Mirco is a rare entity in the space. He’s an architect who has grown up in large, complex organizations working with even larger, more complex systems integrators and delivery partners heavily reliant on ERP, CRM and other COTS applications that seem to challenge much of what DevOps is about. Both pragmatic and practical, he not only gives great tips on how to find your way down the DevOps path in these environments but will help you avoid many a mistake as he shares his own.”

    —Mark Richards, SAFe Fellow at Coactivation

  • Pages: 288

    Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 9 inches

    ISBN: paperback 978-1942788195, epub 978-1942788201, Kindle 978-1942788225

    Publication: April 3, 2018

  • ISBN: 9781942788447

    Publication Date: April 3, 2018

    Run time: 6 hrs, 44 min

    Narrator: Jason Patrick Cronin

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DevOps for the Modern Enterprise

Winner of the 2018 DevOps Dozen Best DevOps Book!
Thought leader Mirco Hering lays out a roadmap to success for IT managers of legacy organizations to propel their organization to success and transform into modern IT leaders.