Tactics for Leading Change

Evaluating What DevOps Patterns and Practices Would Work Best for Your Enterprise

If you are leading a DevOps transformation, a large part of your success will come from your ability to lead change at different levels in the organization. Achieving these changes will be hard, time-consuming, and require persistence, but they are worth the effort when your organization begins reaping the benefits from the transformation.This paper explores a variety of tactics that can be used to help achieve the mindset changes required and influence behavior and actions.

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    This paper describes two perspectives you might encounter within the organization as you lead change: the executive and the middle manager. For each perspective, we identify what these individuals care about and what problems they typically encounter. This paper also covers the target mindset we want to create within the organization—a target mindset aligned with DevOps patterns and practices. Individuals in different roles will interpret and apply this mindset differently, so we also identify the different mindset shifts we want to affect. Finally, we identify tactics to use that could be effective at changing current mindset to the target mindset.


    Leading Change at Different Levels in the Organization
    Target Mindset
    Tactic Details
    Tactics 1–23

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    Courtney Kissler, Vice President Retail Technology, Starbucks
    Eric Passmore, CTO Online Publishing and Media, Microsoft
    Jeff Gallimore, Partner, Excella Consulting
    Jeff Robke, Senior Software Engineer—CIO Development Platform Team, IBM
    Nicole Forsgren, Director, Organizational Performance & Analytics, Chef Software
    Paula Thrasher, Director Digital Services, CSRA
    Pauly Comtois, VP, Hearst Business Media
    Raphael Garcia, Director of R&D IT, Hewlett-Packard
    Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
    Ross Clanton, Director/Fellow DevOps, Verizon
    Scott Nasello, Senior Manager—Platform & Systems Engineering, Columbia Sportswear
    Scott Willson, Product Marketing Director—Release Automation, Automic

    Other Contributors

    Robyn Crummer-Olson, IT Revolution

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    Publication: October 1, 2016