Tactics for Implementing Test Automation for Legacy Code

Many organizations adopting DevOps patterns and practices are enjoying the benefits that come from that adoption. More speed. Higher quality. Better value. However, these organizations often get stymied when applying test automation to their large legacy codebases. This whitepaper will look at common objections to adopting test automation and tactics for overcoming those objections.

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    This document addresses how to meet and overcome the challenges associated with test automation for legacy code. It will look at the type of company that may have a need for test automation, along with the typical organizational structure found there. In addition, it walks through objections that are commonly raised, and tactics for overcoming those objections.


    CHAPTER 1: Introducing Fictitious Company with a Large Legacy Codebase
    CHAPTER 2: Building a Case: Justification
    CHAPTER 3: Objections
    CHAPTER 4: Tactic Details
    CHAPTER 5: The Ask

  • Authors
    • Jeff Gallimore, Partner, Excella Consulting
    • Steve Neely, Director of So.ware Engineering, Rally So.ware
    • Terri Potts, Technical Director, Raytheon IIS So.ware
    • Scott Prugh, Chief Architect, CSG International
    • Tim Wilson, Solution Architect, IBM
    • William Hertling, HP
    • Anders Wallgren, CTO, Electric Cloud
    • Jeremy Van Haren, Director of So.ware Development, CSG International
  • Pages: 51

    5 tables throughout

    Format: PDF

    Publication: October 1, 2015