The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition

How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, & Security in Technology Organizations

NEW RELEASE! This award-winning and bestselling business handbook for digital transformation is now fully updated and expanded with the latest research and new case studies!


Why do DevOps?

The effective management of technology is critical for business competitiveness. High-performing organizations are 2.5x more likely than their peers to exceed profitability, market share, and productivity goals.

Value Streams & the Three Ways

We introduce the underpinning theory and primer of Lean Manufacturing, as well as the broader princples of the Three Ways—the principles from which all of the observed DevOps behaviors can be derived.

Where to Start

We will discuss where to start, who will be involved, and how to protect, organize, and enable our teams.

Accelerate Flow

We sustain the fast flow of work from Dev into Ops, without causing chaos and disruption to the production environment and customers.

Accelerate Feedback

We shorten and amplify feedback loops, radiating feedback and making information visible to everyone in the value stream.

Accelerate Learning

We continually shorten and amplify our feedback loops, relentlessly creating ever safer systems of work.

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    More than ever, the effective management of technology is critical for business competitiveness. For decades, technology leaders have struggled to balance agility, reliability, and security. The consequences of failure have never been greater―whether it’s the debacle, cardholder data breaches, or missing the boat with Big Data in the cloud.

    And yet, high performers using DevOps principles, such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, and Netflix, are routinely and reliably deploying code into production hundreds, or even thousands, of times per day.

    Following in the footsteps of The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook shows leaders how to replicate these incredible outcomes, by showing how to integrate Product Management, Development, QA, IT Operations, and Information Security to elevate your company and win in the marketplace.


    Part I—The Three Ways

    Part II—Where To Start

    Part III—The First Way: The Technical Practices of Flow

    Part IV—The Second Way: The Technical Practices of Feedback

    Part V—The Third Way: The Technical Practices of Continual Learning and Experimentation

    Part VI—The Technological Practices of Integrating Information Security, Change Management, and Compliance

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    Dimensions: 5.8 x 1 x 9 inches

    ISBN: paperback 978-1942788003, epub 978-1942788072, Kindle 978-1942788089

    Publication: October 6, 2016

    Additional material: Appendices, Additional Resources, Endnotes, Index

  • Length: 12 hours, 91 minutes

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    ISBN: 9781942788478

    Narrator: Ron Butler

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The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition


NEW RELEASE! This award-winning and bestselling business handbook for digital transformation is now fully updated and expanded with the latest research and new case studies!

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