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Build Agile Conversation Skills with a Conversational Dojo Webinar

Webinar by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick

We all know that an open and generative culture is key to building successful Agile, Lean, and DevOps teams that deliver faster and build the right software and systems. But the process of change is difficult and painful.

Agile Conversations presents a powerful and simple way to transform your culture through the power of conversation. With regular practice and consistent effort, we can learn new skills and build productive relationships. But how can we get that practice?

One solution is to hold a Conversational Dojo, a practice session where a group deliberately practices their conversational skills.

In this webinar, Agile Conversations authors Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick describe their techniques developed over years of practice sessions. Viewers will learn:

- How to structure and lead a Conversational Dojo for group study.
- Tips for both in-person and virtual dojos.
- Why a piece of paper folded in half is a vital resource.
- How to introduce these ideas to colleagues who are new to Agile Conversations.

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Conversational Dojo Kit
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Agile Conversations
Transform Your Conversations, Transform Your Culture
This practical, step-by-step guide show you how to use the human power of conversation to achieve truly Agile results. Stop following meaningless rituals and unleash the unique human power of conversation to build effective, high-performing teams.
by Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick
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