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Book Club

Online|January 16-27, 2023
Featuring The Value Flywheel Effect—join fellow readers to discuss the book, and ask your questions directly to the authors!

Using Wardley Mapping and other sense-making approaches, The Value Flywheel Effect helps organizations anticipate market changes and user needs. As the flywheel starts to turn, each small win builds momentum. This continuous momentum builds situational awareness, breaks new boundaries, and catapults companies to sustainable, long-term success.

Learn to understand and utilize the sociotechnical intersection between business, technology, and people with The Value Flywheel Effect. Give your organization the edge it needs to navigate future challenges and build maximum velocity.

Plus, the authors will be joining us for a free virtual workshop to book club members!

How to Participate

The IT Revolution Book Club is an interactive, virtual club run on our private Slack workspace. We highly encourage participants to read the book before book club begins, as this is the way to get the most out of the club. For that reason, we do require that you share proof of purchase with us before you can enter the club.


Each day on Slack we focus on a different section of the book and post discussion questions, topics, and exercises. Participants are encouraged to post their responses throughout the day/club, and to post their own questions or discussion topics. Participate at the time of day that works for you. We'll also be conducting virtual workshops with the authors.

Our Mission

IT Revolution’s mission is to bridge the divide between the front lines of organizational digital transformation and the agents of change helping to deliver better value through software faster, safer, and happier.

Special Opportunity

This offering brings together the DevOps Enterprise community and the breadth of learning available in the books we’ve published—welcome to the IT Revolution Book Club.