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FREE Event

Sooner Safer Happier:

Online Events with the Authors

Sooner Safer Happier: Online Events with the Authors

When: October and November
Where: Online (Zoom)
Cost: Free!


In celebration of the paperback release of Sooner Safer Happier: Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility, IT Revolution is cohosting a series of free online meetups with the authors (Jonathan Smart, Myles Ogilvie, Zsolt Berend, and Simon Rohrer).

From October 25th through November 3rd, the authors will conduct a series of free topic-specific workshops. These open online gatherings will give you a chance to dive deeper into the chosen topic and discuss challenges and solutions freely with the authors and other participants.

View each event's full description below.

We'd like to thank Sooner Safer Happier LTD and the authors of the book for cohosting this series of events with us.

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Session Descriptions
Session 1: Sooner Safer Happier General Webinar
October 11th, 2022
A movement enabling organizations to achieve better outcomes for all and a more humane world of work. Sooner Safer Happier, Patterns & Antipatterns for Business Agility documents patterns and antipatterns for business agility based on observations from 100’s of organizations. This interactive event including Q&A led by authors of Sooner Safer Happier, Jonathan Smart, Zsolt Berend, Myles Ogilvie, and Simon Rohrer takes a deep dive into each of the major Patterns.

Session 2: Continuous Attention to Technical Excellence Virtual Workshop
October 25th, 2022
Stakeholders with a long-term interest in platforms that improve over time need to actively support continual investment in excellence. Technical excellence practices reduce the long-term cost of your platforms and of making changes to them.  If your organization regards its IT department as a ‘feature factory’ the emphasis is to maximize the rate of feature delivery. A common result is that shortcuts taken to expedite delivery, fail to be remediated. The shortcuts become ‘Technical Debt’ that accumulates over time and if it is not repaid makes change harder, slower, and more costly. This session focuses on the importance of technical excellence as an integral part of your ways of working improvement.

Session 3: Pop the Learning Bubbles: Become a Learning Organization Virtual Workshop
October 27th, 2022
Humans are tribal in nature. The tribal instinct is not just to belong - it's also to exclude social bubbles. Whilst organizational structures have positive intent, they also can raise challenges especially when it comes to knowledge sharing. If the silos / social bubbles of your organization are too strong then learning is reduced. Being a change agent means finding ways to ‘pop the bubbles’, to foster the spread of knowledge about improved outcomes and new ways of working. This session focuses on how to become a learning organization.

Session 4: Build the Right Thing: Outcomes over Output Virtual Workshop
November 1st, 2022
What are you optimizing for? Are you optimizing for time to value and learn? Do you have connectivity of outcomes from strategy to execution, with regular prioritization based on leading and lagging indicators of progress? How is this being visualized? Is your organization structured to support the flow of value, minimizing the time to value? Are you optimizing for belonging, for learning, for colleague engagement? This session introduces a pattern that gives you a tailwind for aligning your organization and ways of working around value delivery.

Session 5: Build the Thing Right: Speed with Control Virtual Workshop
November 3rd, 2022
Public organizations and regulated industries have a large number of externally mandated governance, compliance, and control restrictions. In order to maintain customer trust, organizations need strong risk management. Improving BVSSH outcomes requires speed AND control, not speed out of control (fragile) or control with no speed (not agile). Seeking early collaboration between delivery teams and risk SMEs. Taking a context-sensitive approach to judging risks. Instrumenting the system of work used by delivery teams to visualize risk. To operate at speed requires strong brakes and this session introduces ways of working that achieve this.
About the Book
It’s no secret that we are living in the Digital Age. Technology companies make up seven of the world’s ten largest firms by market capitalization. And the key to their success is the key to all modern organizations.

Jonathan Smart, business agility practitioner, thought leader, and coach, reveals patterns and antipatterns to show how business leaders from every industry can help their organizations deliver better value sooner, safer, and happier through high levels of engagement, inclusion, and empowerment. Through his decades of experience in the technology world, Smart provides business leaders with a blueprint for creating a world-class organization of the future.

Through Agile and Lean ways of working, business leaders can empower teams to improve production, grow together, and create better services for their customers. These better ways of working have overflowed from the IT department to every corner of successful organizations, taking root in every industry from aerospace to accounting, insurance to shipping.

This book is not about software development. It is not a book about the computer industry. This book is about applying agility across the entire organization. It’s a book that will put you at the front of change and ahead of the competition.
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