Immersion Course
Making Work Visible Core Concepts
Dominica DeGrandis
A huge fan of using visual cues to inspire change, Dominica DeGrandis is one of the IT industry’s top workflow experts. She is currently Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop and is the author of Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow. Obsessed with elevating the state of work, Dominica advises customers on value stream management, flow metrics, and how to affect change in their organizations by making their work visible across value streams.
Watch Introduction
Instructor: Dominica DeGrandis
Course length: 8 lesson videos and 2 exercise videos
Total runtime: 1hr, 59min
Approximate time to complete course: 1 week
Recommended reading: Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow
Workbook: Making Work Visible Core Concepts
Category(s): Workflow Management; Team Management
Instructions: Read Making Work Visible, download course workbook, watch videos, do exercises from videos, book, and workbook. 

Course Overview
In this Immersion Course, Dominica DeGrandis, renowned authority on flow efficiency, dives into the fundamentals needed to better understand your workflow and, thus, find the inefficiencies in your organization. Using easy to follow lessons, Dominica shows how making work visible, value stream management, and flow metrics can affect change in your organization.
Lesson 1, Part I
Making Work Visible
This lesson dives into the primary concepts and goals for this course, covering everything from why the brain works best with visual cues to how to think about the workflow in your value stream. In this lesson, Dominica shows why making work visible matters for individuals, teams, and organizations. 
Exercise 1
Value Stream Canvas
Dominica will show how to make work visible using a value stream canvas.
Lesson 1, Part II
Five Thieves of Time
Dominica introduces the Five Thieves of Time: Too Much Work-In-Progress, Unknown Dependencies, Unplanned Work, Conflicting Priorities, and Neglected Work.
Lesson 2
Time Thief Too Much WIP
In this lesson, Dominica delves into WIP (work-in-progress) and how having too much WIP impacts the quality of work and healthy working environments. The goals include learning about time theft, too much WIP, understanding the impacts of too much WIP on teams and individuals, and learning how to use enabling constraints to help people manage too much WIP.
Lesson 3, Part I
Time Thief Invisible Dependencies
This lesson sets you up to influence others by showing how to better see dependencies in a way that will trigger necessary conversations for change on time theft and invisible dependencies. The goals for this lesson include learning how to identify time theft and invisible dependencies, and learning how to communicate the impacts to others, including your boss. Dominica also shines a light on the causes of dependencies and the multidimensional paths that help reduce the negative impacts of dependencies.
Exercise 3
Dependency Matrix
Using a role-based dependency matrix, Dominica teaches you how to find the dependencies in your value stream based on specialization.
Lesson 3, Part II
Cooper's Coops
In Part II of Lesson 3, Dominica highlights how the customer experience can be impacted by invisible dependencies through her Cooper’s Coop example. This is a step-by-step guide on how to think about dependencies in your product value stream.  
Lesson 4
Time Thief Unplanned Work
In this lesson, Dominica discusses the role that unplanned work has in your workplace and how it steals your time. The goals for this lesson include defining unplanned work and developing an agreed upon way to talk about it, as well as the tools that will help you track time theft and unplanned work.
Lesson 5
Time Thief Conflicting Priorities
Getting priorities in order is a complex problem to tackle. In this lesson, Dominica discusses time theft, conflicting priorities, and how to manage them. Learn the signs and symptoms of conflicting priorities and why managing work by product (versus project) helps teams focus on one priority at a time.
Lesson 6
Time Thief Neglected Work
In this final lesson of the course, Dominica discusses the role that neglected work has in your workflow and how it steals time. The goals in this lesson include defining neglected work, identifying what kind of work is most often neglected, the cost of neglected work, and ways to manage revenue protection work.

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