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DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - US

October 5-7, 2021 · Virtual

The conference for leaders of large, complex organizations.

Great physical conferences have an incredible magic. You learn from amazing talks, you’re surrounded by the best in the game, you find fellow travelers who face challenges similar to your own, and so much more. These often lead to lifelong relationships, and can even change your career.

Registration is now open.

The DevOps Handbook, Second Edition

November 30, 2021 ·

How to Create World-Class Agility, Reliability, & Security in Technology Organizations


This award-winning and bestselling business handbook for digital transformation is now fully updated and expanded with the latest research, new case studies, and more!

Over the last five years, The DevOps Handbook has been the definitive guide for taking the successes laid out in the bestselling The Phoenix Project and applying them in any organization. Now, with this fully updated and expanded edition, it’s time to take DevOps out of the IT department and apply it across the full business.

New: Immersion Class with Dominica DeGrandis

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The New IT Workforce: Harnessing the Power of Community

This post is adapted from A Seat at the Table: IT Leadership in the Age of Agility.  Accompanying our transition to an Agile IT world, and subtler in its implications, has been the rise of community as a way of practicing IT. This change is due in large part to the rise of open source, but […]

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ASREDS Learning Loop

Humans are tribal. We need to belong to groups. But this instinct to belong is also an instinct to exclude. Besides the positive benefits of these social structures, they all share some undesired antipatterns and bubble effects, including: Silo Mentality: people and teams within the bubble want to protect their information, not share it with […]

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Announcing The DevOps Handbook Second Edition

We’re delighted to announce that over the last year we’ve been hard at work updating the iconic The DevOps Handbook! Originally written over the span of five years, authors Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis created the go-to guide for embarking on a DevOps transformation in any industry. Since the original publication […]

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