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DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual - US

October 5-7, 2021 · Virtual

The conference for leaders of large, complex organizations.

Great physical conferences have an incredible magic. You learn from amazing talks, you’re surrounded by the best in the game, you find fellow travelers who face challenges similar to your own, and so much more. These often lead to lifelong relationships, and can even change your career.

Registration is now open.

New: Immersion Class with Dominica DeGrandis

Latest Articles

Breaking the Change Management Barrier

This post is an excerpt of the Breaking the Change Management Barrier whitepaper by Ron Forrester, Sr., Jayne Groll, Chris Hill, Dr. Steve Mayner, Erica Morrison, Scott Nasello, Scott Prugh, and Rosalind Radcliffe. During an era of rising regulation and linear, waterfall software development, enterprises adopted a rigorous approach to IT’s change-management process in order […]

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How to DevOps the Hell Out of Your Covid Crisis

Sir Winston Churchill is credited for saying, never waste a good crisis. And there are few industries that experienced more existential crises due to the global pandemic than the travel and hospitality industries. In this presentation from Pieter Jordaan, Group Chief Technology Officer, Technology Transformation at TUI, shares one of the most remarkable stories of […]

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OKRs & DevOps: From Micromanagement Misery to Finding Flow

Many organizations are having trouble rolling out OKRs or objectives and key results, especially when top leaders overreach into the planning process using OKRs to bludgeon their favorite project or feature into the plan. Dr. Mik Kersten, Founder and CEO of Tasktop, talked at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit about his seven years of experience […]

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