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Tactics to Spread DevOps

If you’re reading this, then you have likely considered numerous ways to more broadly consolidate and engage the teams in your company. In this section, we will outline some strategies and tactics, focused on four core areas, to help provide structured guidance on where to start and where those efforts will evolve.

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Shaping Your Multispeed Future: Two Key Exercises from Mirco Hering

To support you in adopting a multispeed future, Mirco Hering, author of DevOps for the Modern Enterprise, shares two exercises for you to run in your organization. Both of them are highly related: the first is an analysis of your application portfolio and the second is the identification of a minimum viable cluster of applications for which a capability uplift will provide real value.

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The Three Epiphanies of Mik Kersten

For Mik Kersten, author of Project to Product, the realization that technologists’ pursuits were bringing diminishing returns did not come as a single eureka moment. Here he shares three epiphanies that led him to create the Flow Framework.

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Common DevOps Myths

Think DevOps is just for startups, or DevOps replaces Agile? Or maybe you’ve heard DevOps doesn’t work for Information Security? Read on as we bust some common DevOps myths.

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