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Optimize Your Time with The Balanced Calendar

What prevents you from getting work done? One of the top answers is too many meetings! Too many interruptions, meetings, and tools overburdens workers and can lead to burn out. In this post, we visit Dominica DeGrandis’s advice for creating a balanced calendar to optimize your time. Too Many Meetings A calendar full of meetings […]

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8 Recommended Talks from DevOps Enterprise Summit (and Why)

Recently, I was speaking with a friend in a large bank, and I ended up writing him a letter recommending some talks that I thought would be useful. Below I list each of them, along with why I think they’d be of interest. 1) Credit Suisse from London – Virtual 2020 Andrea Hausmann, Head of […]

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Radical Prioritization of Work

This post is adapted from the Bold Moves You Can Make white paper that appears in the Fall 2020 DevOps Enterprise Journal. Written by Amy Walters, Dominica DeGrandis,  Jon Moore, Jeffrey Shupack, Michael Nygard, Ross Clanton, Ben Grinnell, and Paula Thrasher Many large enterprises are experiencing a crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic […]

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Bonus Interview with Jonathan Smart on Sooner Safer Happier

Gene: You use the Cynefin model to frame a picture of everything from known knowns to unknown unknowns. What about this model is essential to the necessary mindset shift and business success in the digital age? Jon: I find Cynefin, a sense-making model, to be a great frame of reference for optimizing the approach to […]

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