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Fear: The Original Sin of Unproductive Conversations

fear is really important because it’s so foundational. I consider this the original sin of unproductive conversations, in a sense. It’s kind of the root of why our conversations so often go astray. In the chapter, we talk about several tools. We talk about normalization of deviance, and we talk about coherence busting as useful ideas about how to get past the fear

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The Five Ideals of DevOps

In The Phoenix Project, we introduced the Three Ways underpinning DevOps. In my follow-up book, The Unicorn Project, I revisit Parts Unlimited and describe my learnings through the Five Ideals. These are five topics that I’ve constantly gravitated toward over the last decade, and I continually seek to learn more about them even now! They seem to underpin what is required to create, as my friend Jon Smart says, better value, sooner, safer, and happier. And I am convinced that they are required to help our organizations survive and win in the marketplace.

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Trust and Test Driven-Development for People

This is number three in our series as we go through our new book, Agile Conversations. We’re up to Chapter Three and this chapter’s all about trust.

One of the things we were having a challenge with was finding something new to say about trust, because we’ve said so much about it. You can listen and read to some of our past thoughts on trust here

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Unlock Your Enterprise’s Digital Transformation by Changing Your Relationship with Technologists

If you want to unlock your enterprise’s digital transformation, you must change not only its relationship with technology, but its relationship with its technologists. Conventional wisdom has settled on a way of integrating IT into the enterprise that hasn’t been very effective up to now and remains much less likely to be effective in the digital future. IT and the business face each other across a daunting chasm of stereotypes and perceived risk like rows of bobblehead dolls, bobbling and smiling at each other with goodwill and mutual respect, coupled with a formality that precludes intimacy. The key to digital transformation is to change the way IT and the business interact.

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