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Go Beyond Team Structures for Software Delivery Success

Guest Post from Matthew Skelton, co-author of Team Topologies Key Takeaways: 1. New team-based organizational designs are proving valuable across the IT industry. 2. Adopting new team structures is only part of the picture: it’s the interactions between teams that really counts. 3. Since 2013 many organizations have used the DevOps topologies patterns to explore […]

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Gene's preview of DOES19 London

What to Expect at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2019

It’s that time of year where we’re only a few weeks away from DevOps Enterprise Summit London and I’m incredibly excited for our fourth event there. As a programming committee, our goal is always to create the best programming ever — this creates a challenge, as we all thought the Las Vegas 2018 conference was the […]

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Q&A with Mark Schwartz and Gene Kim

Recently, Gene Kim had a chance to speak with Mark Schwartz about Mark’s new book, War and Peace and IT, Business Leadership, Technology, and Success in the Digital Age: Gene Kim: What inspired you to write a book about IT management for business leaders? Mark Schwartz: I meet with executives from over a hundred large enterprises each year. It’s amazing […]

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