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Seven Well-Defined Incident Response Triggers

While complete outages are still a key trigger for response, degraded service is considered incredibly impactful in the minds of consumers. As part of the new Incident Management Framework proposed in this white paper, organizations need to identify and remediate potential issues before customers are aware there is a problem. Both the business and the […]

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Creating an Operational Masterpiece: How a COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinic Took Shape

In the following excerpt from Episode 19 of The Idealcast, Gene Kim and Steven Spear interviewed Trent Green, SVP and COO of Legacy Health, on how he and his team used iterative problem solving to vaccinate 8,000 people a day at Oregon’s largest mass vaccination clinic. Key learnings from this excerpt include the idea that […]

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Building an Incident Management Response Team

When many organizations are faced with an incident, the lack of clear roles and responsibilities among the teams leads to poor collaboration, communication, and work overload. This in turn leads to missed tasks, redundant work, loss of information, delays, and frustration within the team. Without clear roles, incident response and resolution can be delayed, and […]

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