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Project to Product Transformation Case Study: Fortune 100 Apparel/Sportswear Enterprise

This study focuses on a Fortune 100 apparel/sportswear enterprise that had success incubating their model and is currently in the scaling stage of enterprise product transformation. It follows the Seven Domains of Transformation as laid out in this previous post. Transformation Implementation  This enterprise started incubating their transformation in their digital and customer-facing portfolios. They […]

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Taking a Fresh Look at Enterprise Business Systems

A group of industry experts tackled the challenge of ERP updating as part of the 2020 DevOps Enterprise Forum. This team (Pat Birkeland, Adrian Cockcroft, Damon Edwards, Chris Kernaghan, Courtney Kissler, Scott nasello, Ron Olshausen, and Jim Sherwin) was primarily trying to offer guidance to enterprises about how they may think about the impact that […]

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Complexity: The Enemy of Agility and Execution

As companies race to adopt new cloud computing technologies and systems to effectively compete as digital enterprises, they quickly discover that with new systems, applications, and processes comes monumental new complexity. At a fundamental level, legacy systems of record, which are critical to running core operating functions, like Finance, ERP, CRM, and HR were not […]

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