DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2017

Join us for two days of DevOps transformation stories from around the UK and Continental Europe. Hear from companies such as Hiscox, HMRC, ING Bank, Pearson, SAP, Thomas Cook, Unilever and more. Follow conference updates on Twitter @DOES_EUR.

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DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco

DevOps Enterprise Summit is a conference for the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. American Airlines, Walt Disney Company, CapitalOne, Hearst, Starbucks, and Walmart are just some of the companies sharing their transformation stories. Follow conference updates on Twitter @DOES_USA.

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Nothing Beats Engineering Talent…The AGILE Transformation at ING

Ron Van Kamenade, the CIO of ING Bank, presents on the Agile DevOps transformation and their focus on IT talent at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016.

Better, Faster, AND Cheaper. How?

DevOps makes it possible for high-performing companies to work better, faster, AND cheaper according to Damon Edwards, Managing Partner, DTO Solutions, Inc., and John Willis, Director of Ecosystem Development, Docker.

DOES16 San Francisco—DevOps At Target: Year three

Learn about Target’s journey to microservices and cloud native architecture in this presentation by Heather Mickman, Sr. Director Target Technology Services at DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2016.