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Managing an Evolving Transformation—A Scorecard Approach

For successful Agility you need to know what your success measures are, so that you see whether your latest release has made progress or not (BTW something way too many Agile efforts forget). So what could these success measures look like for your transformation?

Well there is not one metric, but I feel we can come up with a pretty good balanced scorecard. There are 4 high level areas we are trying to improve: Business, Delivery, Operations and Architecture.

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Undoing IT Silos: How the “Walled Garden” Anti-Pattern Gets Started

In the past decade, the growing understanding of the importance of technology to business has led to a surge in business transformations—whether the flavor is digital, DevOps, Lean, or Agile, the aim is to speed up software development by boosting cross-functional collaboration to deliver innovations. How, then, do we end up with so many walls and so little communication?

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DevOps Case Study: Agile Implementation in a Large, Regulated Industry

At this organization, the starting environment consisted of approximately eight thousand IT staff supporting two thousand applications for twenty business-facing IT areas. The delivery model being used was waterfall, with some established CI and TDD practices in advanced areas. There was large variation in how development was done across the enterprise, resulting in inconsistency in quality and challenges in delivery.

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Tactics to Spread DevOps

If you’re reading this, then you have likely considered numerous ways to more broadly consolidate and engage the teams in your company. In this section, we will outline some strategies and tactics, focused on four core areas, to help provide structured guidance on where to start and where those efforts will evolve.

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