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Love Letter To Clojure (Part 1)

In this blog post, I will explain how learning the Clojure programming language three years ago changed my life. It led to a series of revelations about all the invisible structures that are required to enable developers to be productive. These concepts show up all over The Unicorn Project, but most prominently in the First […]

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The Fourth Excerpt from The Unicorn Project is Now Available!

Hello! The fourth excerpt from The Unicorn Project is now available, in which Maxine succumbs to what has plagued the rest of the organization, starts to suspect where a massive investment in speed is needed to achieve the goals and aspirations of the organization, brings the Data Hub technical practices into the current century… …and […]

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DevOps: Enabling Business Transformation in Health Care

As health care evolves to a more “consumer” centric model, software delivery teams in these organizations are finding new and innovative ways to work to support the speed and experimentation expected by their business partners. In this presentation, Alice Raia shares how Kaiser Permanente has built a DevOps practice to meet these needs, and is […]

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