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DevOps Enterprise Journal & Forum Papers
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Spring 2022 | Volume 4, Issue 1
New Issue Coming May 2022
Fall 2021 | Volume 3, Issue 2
Spring 2021 | Volume 3, Issue 1
Fall 2019 | Volume 1, Issue 1
Fall 2020 | Volume 2, Issue 1
DevOps Enterprise Forum | Whitepapers
(Get the full collection of 2021 papers in the Fall 2021 issue of The DevOps Enterprise Journal.)
Building Industrial DevOps Stickiness
How to Use GitOps
No Application Left Behind
From Project to Product to Problem-Solving
Accelerating Shared Services
A Leader's Guide to Working with Consultants
Winning Together
(Get the full collection of 2020 papers in the Fall 2020 issue of The DevOps Enterprise Journal.)
Measuring Software Quality
A Framework for Incident Response, Assessment, and Learning
Four Frameworks for Portfolio Managment
Evolving the Funding Process
It's Time for...ERP Disruption
Change in A Successful Organization
Bold Moves You Can Make
Applied Industrial DevOps 2.0
(Get the full collection of 2020 papers in the Fall 2019 issue of The DevOps Enterprise Journal.)
Breaking the Change Management Barrier
The Project to Product Transformation
Full Stack Teams, Not Engineers
Getting Started with Dojos
DevOps Automated Governance Reference Architecture
Applied Industrial DevOps
Dear Auditor
Industrial DevOps
Transformational Leadership: A Quick Guide
Overcoming Inefficiencies in Multiple Work Management Systems
Modernizing IT Operations in the Age of DevOps
Moving from Project to Product
Continual Learning
The Cornerstone for Winning
Expanding Pockets of Greatness
Individual Contributors
Making Matrixed Organizations Successful with DevOps
Value Stream Architecture
DevOps Case Studies
Tactics for Leading Change
Thinking Environments
An Unlikely Union: DevOps and Audit
Measure Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Culture to Optimize DevOps Transformation
Mythbusting DevOps in the Enterprise
Tactics for Implementing Test Automation for Legacy Code
Other Resources
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