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Leading the Transformation

Leading the Transformation is an executive guide, providing a clear framework for improving development and delivery by targeting the coordination of work across teams in large organizations.

by Gary Gruver and Tommy Mouser

"[Leading the Transformation] contains just enough theory to inform executives about critical issues and just enough detail to clarify what’s important and why.”

—Mary Poppendieck, author of The Lean Mindset and the Lean Software Development series

Software is becoming more and more important across a broad range of industries, yet most technology executives struggle to deliver software improvements their businesses require.

Leading-edge companies like Amazon and Google are applying DevOps and Agile principles to deliver large software projects faster than anyone thought possible. But most executives don’t understand how to transform their current legacy systems and processes to scale these principles across their organizations.

Leading the Transformation is an executive guide, providing a clear framework for improving development and delivery. Instead of the traditional Agile and DevOps approaches that focus on improving the effectiveness of teams, this book targets the coordination of work across teams in large organizations—an improvement that executives are uniquely positioned to lead.

“Leading the Transformation is a critical asset for any leadership in a large development environment seeking to transform the organization from the swamp of restriction to the freeway of efficient delivery. The book provides real-life data and solid advice for any leader embarking on or in the middle of an enterprise delivery transformation.”

—Lance Sleeper, Senior Manager of Operations, American Airlines

About the Authors
Gary Gruver

Gary Gruver is an experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development processes and working with executives in large organizations. As co-author of A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development, Start Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise, and Leading the Transformation, he documents how HP revolutionized software development while he was the director of the LaserJet Firmware development lab at HP. As Vice President of QE, Release, and Operations at Macys.com, he led their transition to continuous delivery. Gary currently lives in Idaho with his wife and enjoys skiing, hiking, and mountain biking.

Tommy Mouser

Tommy Mouser has been directly involved in the design, development, qualification, and delivery of software systems for over 30 years. For the past eight years, while working at HP and Macys.com, his primary focus has been on working with his teams and partners on a journey toward Agile methodologies. Tommy currently resides in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Debbie. He enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities and has recently gotten into fly-fishing with some of his longtime friends and coworkers.

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