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Sooner Safer Happier
Chapter-by-Chapter Summaries

Chapter 0: How We Got Here

Chapter 1: Focus on Outcomes: Better Value Sooner Safer Happier

Chapter 2: Achieve Big Through Small

Chapter 3: Optimization over One Way; Invite over Inflict

Chapter 4: Leadership will Make It or Break It

Chapter 5: Build the Right Thing; Intelligent Flow

Chapter 6: Build the Right Thing; Intelligent Control

Chapter 6 with Myles Ogilvie

Chapter 7: Continuous Attention to Technical Excellence

Chapter 8: Create a Learning Ecosystem

Chapter 8 with Zsolt Berend

Chapter 9: The Best Time to Plant a Tree is Twenty Years Ago; The Second Best Time is Now

Book Club AMAs

Book Club AMA with Jon Smart, Simon Rohrer and Zsolt Berend

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Sooner Safer Happier
Antipatterns and Patterns for Business Agility
by Jonathan Smart
with Zsolt Berend, Myles Ogilvie, and Simon Rohrer

Available Now

Jonathan Smart, business agility practitioner, thought leader, and coach, reveals patterns and antipatterns to show how business leaders from every industry can help their organizations deliver better value sooner, safer, and happier through high levels of engagement, inclusion, and empowerment. #BVSSH

"One of the most important Agile books since The Phoenix Project."
—Charles Betz, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

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