Measure Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Culture to Optimize DevOps Transformation

Metrics for DevOps Initiatives

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Advancing the state of measurement practice is an important foundation for improving software delivery economics. This paper summarizes a position on DevOps measurement that we intend to be a catalyst for accelerating more mature guidance on measuring and steering software delivery.

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    Publication: October 1, 2015


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    There is a hunger for better measurements. DevOps teams and professionals want to push new ideas and new ways of doing things. Metrics objectively help teams distinguish between improvements and unproductive changes. We feel measurements remove subjectivity, improve excellence, focus on strategy, and create predictability. Measurements work best when they drive crucial conversations and help teams improve. Measurements are undermined when they are driven as an evaluation of performance and impact. People will game the system or distort a metric if it focuses on personal performance rather than team performance.


    CHAPTER 1: Principles
    CHAPTER 2: Scenarios
    CHAPTER 3: The Value of Measurement

  • Contributors

    Dominica DeGrandis, Director, Learning & Development, LeanKit
    Nicole Forsgren, PhD, Director Organizational Performance and Analytics, Chef
    Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner, Visual Studio Cloud Services, Microsoft
    Mirco Hering, DevOps Lead APAC, Accenture
    Mark Michaelis, Chief Technical Architect, IntelliTect
    Chivas Nambiar, Director DevOps Platform Engineering, Verizon
    Eric Passmore, CTO MSN, Microsoft
    Walker Royce, Software Economist
    Jeff Weber, Managing Director, Protiviti

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