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September 20, 2016

DevOps Handbook Author Highlight Reel

By IT Revolution

Many of you may already know who Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis are… but even for those who are familiar with their work, you can read more about the history of my relationship with my fellow co-authors on this post.

Here are some of my “best of” videos and blog posts for each of them.

DevOps Handbook

John Willis, Patrick Debois, and Gene Kim (not pictured: Jez Humble)

John Willis

One of the many things that John Willis is known for is the State of the Union talks he’s given at many DevOpsDays, having attended over nearly of them since 2009. Here is a ten minute talk that he gave at DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2015, where he gives a ten minute presentation on where we’ve come in the last seven years in the DevOps community, as well as some of the important issues and achievements ahead of us.  John also wrote a fantastic summary of where DevOps came from here in a post called “the convergence of DevOps.”

Also, here is an extremely moving talk that John gave on burnout in the technology community at DevOpsDays Atlanta 2016, and more importantly, what we can do about it.  In this talk, you can see how much he cares about our community and the people within it — the “karōjisatsu” post he refers to is here.

Patrick Debois

One of the amazing moments for me at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 in London was hanging out with both Patrick Debois and John Willis, which was the first time in years that we had actually all gotten together in person. (I’m looking for the video of the talk he gave at the conference, and will post it when I find it.)

That week, it reminded me of how much further Patrick can see into the future than the rest of us, just like he was ahead of almost everyone exploring how we solve the problems of the Dev vs. Ops divide.  Here is a fantastic talk he gave at the Velocity Conference Amsterdam 2015 on “mobile delivery and the devops mindset,” and here’s wonderful 2016 interview of Patrick by John Willis and Damon Edwards on DevOps Cafe, where he describes the journey he’s been on for the last several years, applying his ingenuity to mobile development and testing, “serverless” infrastructure such as Amazon Lambda, and much more.


You can see his writings on the four key areas of DevOps that referred to in the video here.

(Lastly, here is the video that Patrick Debois opened up DevOpsDays Mountain View 2010 based on old Charlie Chaplin scenes that made me think in the first few minutes of the day, “Holy cow, I’m in the right place!”)

Jez Humble

DevOps Enterprise SummitI had mentioned the four years of working on the State of DevOps Report with Jez Humble earlier: here is a video of the talk that Jez, Dr. Nicole Forsgren and I did at Velocity Santa Clara 2016. And here is fantastic talk the Jez did on architectures that support DevOps principles and practices that he did at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 in San Francisco, which I think every architect, developer, tester, operations and security person must see.

I still frequently refer to Jez’s writings on the principles of continuous delivery: configuration management, continuous integration and continuous testing. And anyone reading the DevOps Handbook who also attended Jez’s FlowCon 2013 or 2014 conferences will recognize many of the speakers, which included Gary Gruver, Randy Shoup, Adrian Cockcroft, Don Reinertsen, and more.

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