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October 23, 2020

DevOps Enterprise Summit FAQ

By IT Revolution

Thank you for attending DevOps Enterprise Summit Vegas – Virtual! We’re so delighted that you were able to join us for one the best programs we’ve ever produced — the positive feedback has been so fantastic to read, as well as your suggestions!

I was so pleased that we were able to improve upon the great London-Virtual attendee experience, showing that many elements that make conferences magical can be replicated in a virtual format — and in some ways, even exceed it.

As a reminder: the mission of DevOps Enterprise Summit is to help technology leaders succeed and their organizations win in the marketplace — and part of that is making it easy for you to share these conference videos with your colleagues, partners, and clients, to help you make new friends and join fellow travelers.

There are so many great videos to watch — we’ve extended everyone’s access to the Video Library through the end of October.

I’m so excited about all the great talks in the Video Library — but I know that many people have questions about it, so we’ve written a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which is included below.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing your feedback —
Gene Kim
Program Chair, DevOps Enterprise Summit

I attended one of the virtual DevOps Enterprise Summits —  how long do I get access to the conference videos?

All of you purchased a conference pass for DevOps Enterprise Summit, either London-Virtual or Vegas-Virtual, which gave you access to the Video Library through October 31, 2020. You can also purchase access to the entire Video Library for one year as an individual or for your organization (more details below).

How do I purchase access to the Video Library?

We offer the following packages:

  • Organization Passes: After purchasing, you will receive your code that you can share with all members of your organization, granting them access to the video library. Each member will set up their own account to view.  (We’re working on this right now, and expect to send your code by the end of this week.)

  • Individual Passes: After purchasing, you will receive an email to set up your account for the video library, which will grant you immediate access.

You can purchase both Video Library passes here: 

Where can I find slides for the presentations?

Slides are available on Dropbox (, GitHub (, and alongside each video in the video library ( They will continue to be freely available.

DevOps Enterprise Summit videos used to be published on YouTube — will you still do this?

To put it bluntly, we need a business model that ensures the long-term financial viability of this conference during a global pandemic that prevents physical gatherings. In other words, we need people to actually pay to attend the conference, as opposed to just waiting until the videos are publicly available.

Since June, we’ve interviewed many attendees and long-time friends of the DevOps Enterprise community to best understand how they were using these videos, and how we could best help them achieve their goals. We’re super excited about what we’ve come up with.

In short, we are building out a free-access system similar to NYTimes and Washington Post (and virtually every news site), which will allow anyone to view a certain number of free views per month.  (We’re planning to start with ten free videos per month.)

(During the conference last week, we rolled out our first step to get there — you can sign up for a free 2-hour trial, which is a stop-gap feature allowing non-attendees to watch the video links you send them.  Better functionality is coming!)

Which conference videos are in the Video Library?

All 100+ videos from the 2020 DevOps Enterprise Summit London-Virtual and Vegas-Virtual conferences are in the Video Library: 

I personally love using it — it’s very fast and easy to search for videos, you can accelerate playback speed, and you can share the URLs easily with other people. (You just copy and send the URL.)

Videos from previous DevOps Enterprise Summits will remain on YouTube. (But I love the new Video Library so much that we’ll be uploading videos from previous years into the Video Library, as well.)

I’m looking for the Slack message related to a talk, but it’s no longer available — is there a way to access those old messages?

Yes!  We built a Slack archiver which went online early this year — just go to to find your old messages. (Note that only messages sent in public channels are archived.) You can use Google to search for specific messages. 

Example: Search “microservices +site:” in Google.

Will there be reporting available when I purchase an organizational pass to the Video Library?

Yes, we are planning on providing reporting that would be useful for Organizational Pass holders — if there is information that you want, please let us know!

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