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June 19, 2020

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2020: Fostering Community and DevSecOps in Our New Normal

By Patrick Debois, Director of DevOps Relations, Snyk

2020 has been a challenging time so far … And we’re only halfway through…

We’ve all encountered challenges both individually and collectively – in some ways we are more disconnected, and in others, we are more connected than ever before. I’ve come to realize how much I value meaningful connections and a supportive community more so than I probably could have thought because of the unexpected and meaningful events of 2020.

At Snyk, my colleagues and I strongly believe that great challenges often bring about great opportunities, and in many ways, that has certainly been the case with respect to the continuous evolution of the DevOps space in 2020 thus far: It has never been more crucial for the community to reconnect, exchange lessons learned and talk about new ideas for the remainder of this wild year and beyond.

This is why Snyk couldn’t be prouder to partner with IT Revolution and DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) as the event goes virtual this year, promising to inspire the DevOps community in new, exciting and unexpected ways. It’s been an honor to join forces with DOES Programming Chair, Gene Kim, and bring out the stories about how security is changing in a DevOps context within enterprises; DevSecOps is well represented in this year’s lineup and that brings even more richness to the DevOps discussion in terms of sharing security best practices to continuously improve and solving the next bottleneck.

Be sure to check out the following sessions and be inspired on your journey:

Dev-First Security: Learning from the Pioneers with Guy Podjarny
Automating Secure Software Development with DevSecOps at Admiral with Kevin Foley
Industrial DevSecOps “Value Streams to Agile Teams” with Suzette Johnson and Robin Yeman
DevOps and Internal Audit: A Great Partnership with Rusty Lewis & Clarissa Lucas
Staying Competitive in a Highly Regulated Market with Continuous Delivery and DevOps with Peter Fassbinder & Carsten Spies

Join us? We’d love to have you become a part of this unique community and further the next wave of DevSecOps innovation together: register here.

- About The Authors

Trusted by technology leaders worldwide. Since publishing The Phoenix Project in 2013, and launching DevOps Enterprise Summit in 2014, we’ve been assembling guidance from industry experts and top practitioners.

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