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February 1, 2023

Lanyards, Icebergs, and Mario: Lightning Talks from DOES Las Vegas 2022

By Lucy Softich

One of our favorite events at DevOps Enterprise Summit is the Lightning Talks. In these talks, presenters have just 5 minutes to give it their all before a buzzer cuts them off. With such a short amount of time, these talks are always surprising, thought-provoking, and often resonate emotionally with the audience. Presenters tend to take this as an opportunity to bring in some humor (Jon Smart’s hilarious presentation on CRAP is one of our most-watched videos ever).

These talks are always some of the most anticipated entries into our video library. However, this year due to some technical issues in the editing process, they were also the last to be uploaded.

But the 2022 DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas Lightning Talks are now up! To help you pick which ones you want to watch with your morning or afternoon coffee, here’s a nice list of each talk in the order they appeared at the conference, for all your viewing pleasure.

How the Lanyards Get Made

by Margueritte Kim, CEO, IT Revolution

The first video of the night came from IT Revolution’s very own CEO, Margueritte Kim, shedding some light on behind-the-scene leadership at DevOps Enterprise Summit.

Watch Video

Why Immigrants are Like Icebergs and How We Can Unlock Their Hidden Power

by Alex McLeod, Founder, Parlay Protocol and Refugee Upskilling Program (ReUP)

In the second video, Alex Mcleod tells us about the hidden power of immigrants, and how we can channel this potential within our own companies.

Watch Video

Manager’s Guide to Developer Estimates (Abridged)

by Don Brown, CTO/Co-founder, Sleuth

In this talk, Don Brown from Sleuth gives managers a quick guide to understanding their developers.

Watch Video

Gatekeeping within DevOps: When We Sound Smart But Get Nowhere

by Dilja Rudolfsdottir, Director of Software Delivery and Data, Ossur

In this talk, Dilja Rudolfsdottir gives us a perfect example of how not to explain the business case for DevOps.

Watch Video

Talk DevOps to Me!

by Joanna Wyganowska, Director of Product Marketing, Octopus Deploy

In this talk, Joanna Wyganowska brings us some wise wisdom from having seen four kids through kindergarten. These little ones can teach us a lot!

Watch Video

Forget AI—What the World Needs Most is NI

by Andrew Davis, Author, Mastering Salesforce DevOps

In this talk, Andrew Davis introduces us to the opposite of AI, “natural intelligence” (NI), and how we’re all stress-testing this advanced network every day.

Watch Video

Developer’s Dream of Software Delivery

by Raghavendra Vema, Software Engineering Principal, Fannie Mae

In this talk, Raghavendra Vema takes us through the life of a developer, John Appleseed, who has a lot of high hopes for his new job.

Watch Video

Always be Mentoring and Learning

by Steve Thomas, Sr. Manager DevOps, Verizon

In this video, Steve Thomas talks about the value of apprenticeships.

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The Shalane Effect

by Christopher Harrison, Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub

In this talk, Christopher Harrison shows us what we can learn from marathoning.

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12 Tricks to Good-Looking Flow Metrics

by Naomi Lurie, VP Product Marketing, Value Stream Management, Planview

In this talk, Naomi Lurie gives us 12 never-fail tips for impressing our bosses, deflecting responsibilities, and making sure the numbers are in our favor.

Watch Video

A DevOps Mario Developer Game Challenge with GRC

by BMK Lakshminarayanan, Transformation Architect, SECTION6

In this talk, BMK Lakshminarayanan shows us how every developer must run through their own Mario level.

Watch Video

That’s it for the 2022 DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas lighting talks. Perhaps we’ll see you on stage this year!

- About The Authors
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Lucy Softich

Lucy is the Marketing & Social Media Coordinator at IT Revolution. She has a background in writing, marketing, and business.

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