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June 2, 2018

Speaker Spotlight: Chris Hill

By IT Revolution

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting a few keynote speakers who have contributed tremendously to the DevOps Enterprise Summit over the last four years.

We’ve been honored to learn and grow with each of these individuals through their transformation journeys, and we’re excited to be welcoming them all back to DOES18 in London.

As the Head of Systems Engineering for Jaguar Land Rover, it would be hard to think of Chris Hill as anything but a DevOps Gladiator.

Joining us for the first time at the 2017 DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, Chris shared with us “A Healthier Software Development Life Cycle with DevOps” which takes a closer look at the indicators of an unhealthy SDLC and the change required to turn things around.

Then again for DOES17 San Francisco, Chris shared his learnings on “Context Switches in Software Engineering.”

Now Chris is joining us again at London to share his talk “Accelerating Software Development through DevOps and Strategic Tooling” which explains how enterprises can successfully achieve complete DevOps by using the appropriate development tools that encourage greater collaboration amongst developers and sys admins.

Come check out DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 agenda for more information.


If you want to see even more from Chris (Gene, and more) make sure you check out the ‘Look Ahead at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018‘ panel discussion we held on May 31st, in which we explore some of the programming objectives for DOES London.

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