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October 19, 2021

Top Five Attended Presentations from DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual – US 2021

By IT Revolution

In October 2021, the DevOps and technology/business leadership communities once again came together for three days of experience reports, knowledge sharing, and learning. Here is our round-up of the top five attended presentations, which you can watch now in the IT Revolution Video Library.

1) How a DevOps Mindset is Influencing Target’s Culture

Target has shared their learnings at DevOps Enterprise Summit since 2015. This year, Luke Rettig, Sr. Director of Product Management, Merch Capabilities, and Brett Craig, SVP Digital, spoke about their experience navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they looked at how they turned around the Fresh Foods division at Target, which otherwise would have been shut down. Instead, it became critical in Target’s response to the pandemic.

Watch their presentation here.

2. How Google SRE and Developers Work Together

The topic of SRE was popular this year, and Google’s presentation on how their SREs work with their developers was popular as well as inspirational. In this presentation, Jennifer Petoff PhD, Director SRE Education at Google, and Christof Leng PhD, SRE Engagements Engineering Lead at Google, describe how the collaboration between developers and SREs works, how SRE is funded, what kind of work SRE is best suited for, and how reliability engineering can be applied early in the service lifecycle.

Watch their presentation here.

3. Iterative Enterprise SRE Transformation

Continuing the SRE theme, Christina Yakomin, Site Reliability Engineer, and Robbie Daitzman, Delivery Lead, provide a look inside Vanguard’s SRE journey across the IT organization (a transformation that is still underway today). In this talk, they share where they started, how far they’ve come since then, and all of the steps they’ve taken along the way as they’ve worked to evangelize changes to the way Vanguard measure’s availability, enables experimentation, leverages highly available architecture patterns, and learns from failure.

Watch their presentation here.

4. Interview: Kimberly Johnson and Christopher Porter on Leadership

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2020, the “How Fannie Mae Uses Agility to Support Homeowners and Renters” presentation was one of the most popular and highest rated. This year, Fannie Mae’s Executive Vice President and COO, Kimberly Johnson, and SVP and CISO, Christopher Porter, returned to discuss leadership principles with Gene Kim. 

Watch their presentation here.

5. Journey to Digitopia: The Government of Canada’s Quest to Modernize Services

Finally, the presentation from Marc Brouillard, Chief Technology Officer, TBS-OCIO, and Denis Skinner, Executive Director, Digital Change Sector, of the Government of Canada illustrated the use of DevOps in government. Part of their strategy is to create a phenomenal set of shared services that can be used across every department. 

Watch their presentation here.

DevOps Enterprise Summit will be back again in 2022 with a virtual conference in the spring/summer and finally returning to an in person conference in Las Vegas in the fall. We can’t wait to see you all then!

Until then, the entire library of DevOps Enterprise Summit presentations, from 2014 to 2021, is available in the IT Revolution Video Library

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