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The DevOps Enterprise Journal
2021 DevOps Enterprise Forum Papers
New Release!

Fall 2021: Volume 3, Issue 2
Pages: 174

Sponsored by LaunchDarkly.

The Fall 2021 issue of the DevOps Enterprise Journal features seven papers developed at the 2021 DevOps Enterprise Forum, a meeting of industry thought leaders that focuses on addressing the most pressing issues in the DevOps community and beyond.

The Fall 2021 issue features the following papers:

  • Accelerating Shared Services: Or How to Make Shared Services Suck Less
  • Building Industrial DevOps Stickiness: Applying Insights
  • How to Use GitOps: What Every CIO Needs to Know about GitOps
  • A Leader's Guide to Working with Consultants: Moving from Consultant Dependency to Building Internal Capability
  • No Application Left Behind: The Journey to the Cloud
  • From Project to Product to Problem Solving: Cross-Product Management and Cross-Product Prioritization
  • Winning Together: A Playbook for Aligning Technology & Business

A special thanks goes to our sponsor, LaunchDarkly.

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Journal Contributors

Adam Zimman, Startup Advisor
Adrian Cockcroft, VP Sustainability Architecture, Amazon
Amy Walters, Principal Coach, U.S. Bank
Ana E. Torres, Director of Technology & Transformation, American Airlines
Anderson Tran, Vice President, Platform Engineering, ID.me
Ben Grinnell, Managing Director and Global Lead of the Technology and Digital Service Line
Betty Junod, Senior Director, Multi-Cloud Solutions, VMware
Charlie Betz, Forrester Research, University of St. Thomas
Chris Hill, Director, T-Mobile
Cornelia Davis, Chief Technology Officer, Weaveworks
Courtney Kissler, CTO at Zulily
Damon Edwards, PagerDuty
David Silverman, CEO, CrossLead
Dominica DeGrandis, Principal Flow Advisor, Tasktop
Dr. Harry Koehnemann, SAFe Fellow and Principal Contributor, Scaled Agile Inc.
Dr. Suzette Johnson, Fellow and Enterprise Lean-Agile Transformation Lead, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Dwayne Holmes, Vice President, PNC
Elisabeth Hendrickson, Founder / CEO, Curious Duck Digital Laboratory, LL
Elizabeth Donaldson, Research Analyst at Splunk
Erica Morrison, CSG
Gail Murphy, Vice President Research & Innovation, University of British Columbia
Hasan Yasar, Technical Director, Adjunct Faculty Member, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Heather Mickman, CIO, Gap Inc.
Jason Hobbs, Catalyst Team Lead, American Airlines
Jeffrey Fredrick, Managing Director, TIM an Acuris Company,
Jeffrey Shupack, President, Project & Team
Jeffrey Snover, CTO for Modern Workforce Transformation, Microsoft
Jess Reif, Director of Research & Development, CrossLead
John Esser, CEO, Veracity Solutions
Josh Atwell, Sr Technology Advocate at Splunk
Julia Harrison, UK Government Digital Services (GDS)
Levi Geinert, Head of Engineering Advocacy and Enablement, U.S. Bank,
Lucas Rettig, Sr. Director, Product Management, Target Corporation
Matt Aizcorbe, DevOps Strategy Lead, Northrop Grumman Corporation
Michael McKay, Retail SRE and Innovation Lead, NCR
Mik Kersten, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tasktop
Pat Birkeland, Enterprise Business Analytics Platforms Operations Lead, Boeing
Paula Thrasher, Sr Director Infrastructure, PagerDuty [email protected]
Randy Shoup, eBay
Rob Juncker, Chief Technology Officer, Code 42
Robin Yeman, Catalyst Campus, Chief Technology Officer, @robinyeman
Ron Forrester, VP Engineering, InVision
Rosalind Radcliffe, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
Ross Clanton, Managing Director - Technology Transformation, American Airlines
Sasha Rosenbaum, Senior Manager, Managed OpenShift Black Belts, Red Hat
Satya Addagarla, Vice President, Lender, Servicer Technology, Fannie Mae
Scott Nasello, Nike
Scott Prugh, CSG
Tom Limoncelli, Manager, stack overflow

The DevOps Enterprise Journal shares evolving technology and architectural practices for better, safer, happier technologists and enterprises. This bi-annual journal collects the ideas, tools, and practices that business and technology practitioners need to develop and deploy software and business strategies that delight their customers and position their businesses to win in the Digital Age.

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