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May 13, 2020

Announcing my new podcast, The Idealcast with Gene Kim

By Gene Kim

Hello, everyone —

I’m so pleased to announce the launch of my podcast, The Idealcast!

On The Idealcast, I interview people I admire and have learned the most from, on topics I’m most passionate about — and you can learn with me. Each episode is typically around 90 minutes, where I ask some of the best experts in our community things I’ve wondered about for years.

I am currently on a quest to understand the relationship between leadership, how organizations work, and how they can either create amazing outcomes for the customers they serve… or fail those customers entirely.

As part of this journey, I ask the best experts I know some profoundly basic questions, such as…

  • What is architecture, and what are the important elements that contribute to it?
  • Why do we have hierarchical organizations, and what other patterns exist?
  • What is culture, and what actually happens when we say it changes?
  • What do we really mean by organizational learning?

I’ve learned so much in the five interviews I’ve completed so far, and am so excited to share them with you. The amazing people I’ve interviewed include:

  • Dr. Mik Kersten (CEO, Tasktop, author of “Project to Product”) and Peter Moore (CEO advisor, and also the brother of Dr. Geoffrey Moore)
  • Elisabeth Hendrickson (former VP of Engineering, Pivotal, author of “Explore It!”)
  • Dr. Steve Spear (adjunct faculty, MIT, author of “The High Velocity Edge”)
  • Mike Nygard (VP Enterprise Architecture and Platform Development, Sabre, author of “Release It!”)

We’re releasing one episode per month, and they’re often followed by a presentation that each guest has done at DevOps Enterprise Summit, where they give a single-topic lecture on the topic we covered in the interview.

The first Idealcast episode with Dr. Mik Kersten and Peter Moore is now available, and Dr. Kersten’s 2018 DevOps Enterprise Summit talk will be released next week. And I look forward to featuring more amazing interviews with more amazing guests on The Idealcast — stay tuned!

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I hope you enjoy!

- About The Authors
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Gene Kim

Award winning CTO, researcher, and author.

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