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April 26, 2022

What to Expect at DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual – Europe 2022

By Gene Kim

Each year, we set out to create the best DevOps Enterprise Summit ever. As I write this, we are more than halfway through recording the plenary sessions, and I’ve been telling everyone today that these are some of the most compelling technology transformation stories yet.

As always, this conference is primarily comprised of experience reports from technology leaders helping their organizations win—or in many cases, advance the most important societal goals.

The general session is where we celebrate successes in the community through experience reports, rapidly disseminate winning tools and techniques and ways of thinking, and bring in the best experts for the problems identified by the community.

Plenary Experience Reports (Not Final)

Here are some of the talks that are likely to be plenary experience report talks:

  • ASB: Brodie Macdonald (General Manager, Operating Model, Corporate Strategy/Customer Experience) and Jane Fitzgerald (Partner, Deloitte)
  • Digital Health and Care Wales: Anne Marie Cunningham (Associate Medical Director for Primary Care)
  • H&M: Jakob Knutsson (Global Head of Cloud & Datacenter, Core Engineering)
  • HMRC: Andrew Letherby (Service Owner of the Customer Insight Platform) and Caitlin Smith (Principal Consultant, Equal Experts)
  • TUI Group: Pieter Jordaan (Group Chief Technology Officer)
  • Morgan Stanley: Gus Paul (Executive Director, Application Infrastructure )
  • Nationwide Building Society: Simone Steel (CDO)
  • Nationwide Insurance: Clarissa Lucas (Technology Audit Director) and Tod Bickley (AVP Information Risk Management for Identity and Access Management)
  • Ponsse Plc: Miika Soininen (Ponsse Plc, Director, Digital Services and IT) and Nikhil Sharma (Director of Product Management, Copado)
  • Schlumberger: Sujaa Deepak (Global Practices and Competency Manager) and Nigel Lester (Global ALM Practice Champion)
  • Vanguard: Christina Yakomin (SRE) and Robbie Daitzman (Senior Manager – Intermediary Technology Platform)
  • Virgin Media O2: Chanade Hemming (Head of Data Products) and Richard He (Head of Data Services)
  • Vodafone: Moira Cheng (IT Operations – DevSecOps Transformation Programme Manager)

Plenary Expert Talks

And of course, we also seek out the best experts in areas we care about, so that we can better achieve our goals. Here are the expert talks we’ve announced:

  • David Anderson (Author, The Flywheel Effect; Technical Fellow, Bazaarvoice) and Michael O’Reilly (Architect, Globalization Partners)
  • Dr. Mik Kersten (CEO, Tasktop)
  • Dr. Stephen Magill (Vice President, Product Innovation, Sonatype)
  • Manuel Pais (IT Organizational Consultant, coauthor, Team Topologies) and Matthew Skelton (Founder, Conflux; coauthor, Team Topologies)
  • Ben Grinnell (Managing Director and Global Lead of the Technology and Digital Service Line, North Highland)
  • Andrew Davis (Author, Mastering Salesforce DevOps)
  • Bill Bensing (Co-author, Investments Unlimited)

Breakout Talks

Here are the announced experience reports and expert talks in the breakout sessions:

  • Accenture UK: Pulak Agrawal (DevOps Practice Lead at Accenture UK with Director of Digital Security for Virgin Media O2) and Fortune Barnard (Director of Digital Security and Resilience, Virgin Media O2)
  • AWS: Guilherme Sesterheim (SAP DevOps SRE Engineer)
  • Banco de Credito: Erika León-Ravinez (Tribe Leader DevSecOps & Resilience), Maria Luisa Polo (Head of Software Engineering) and Luis Alberto Guevara Sandoval (Digital Architecture Manager, NTT Data)
  • Bank of New Zealand: BMK Lakshminarayanan (Value Stream Architect, DevOps Advocate) and Paul Littlefair (Executive General Manager of Technology)
  • BUPA: Phillip Gadzinski (Global Group Head of Enablement) and Adarsh Mehrotra (DevOps CoE Head, Infosys Quality Consulting Unit, Infosys)
  • Capco: Catalin Stoiovici (Managing Principal / Head of Scaled Engineering)
  • Catalyst Campus: Robin Yeman (CTO)
  • Cisco: Dhanush Gowda Vidyaranya (SRE- CISCO DevNet)
  • CROZ: Ivan Krnić (Director of Engineering) and Kresimir Musa (CTO)
  • DevOpsGroup: Raj Fowler (Director, Enterprise Services), Matthew Stokes (Practitioner Engineer) and Sergio Pereira-Lopes, (Identity Service Portfolio Transformational Lead, NatWest Group)
  • Devote Consulting: Ivanna Rosendal (Growth Designer & Principal Consultant)
  • Duck Creek Technologies: Tricia Burke (SVP SaaS Operations) and Josh Berry (Senior Director, Service Management) and Jim Cuff (CTO / VP Engineering Consultant, Cuff Technology Solutions)
  • GitLab: Stefania Chaplin (DevStefOps – Solutions Architect)
  • Grofers: Vaidik Kapoor (VP Engineering (DevOps & Security)
  • Hermes Germany: Stephan Stapel (Head of Customer Solutions)
  • HSBC: Danielle Horney (Global Head of Middle Office Product Delivery) and Lee Smith (Global Head of Fund Services Technology) and Katherine Chajka (Principal Flow Advisor, Tasktop)
  • IBM: Rosalind Radcliffe (IBM Distinguished Engineer, DevSecOPS CTO for the CIO) and Thomas Lawless (IBM STSM, CIO Developer Experience)
  • IBM: Amitabh Prasad (Software Architect, IBM India) and Shikha Srivsatava (Distinguished Engineer & Master Inventor, IBM)
  • ING Bank: George Proorocu (IT OPS Chapter Lead – Cybersecurity & Fraud), Mihai Popa (Senior Engineering Manager) and Mihai Roman (Engineering Manager Chapter Lead, Cybersecurity & Fraud)
  • Leeds Building Society: Rob Howse (Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer)
  • Llywodraeth Cymru / Welsh Government: Fliss Bennée (Deputy Director, Technology and Digital) and Benedict Dodd (Co-Founder and CTO, Armakuni)
  • Morgan Stanley: Paul Fox (Distinguished Engineer, Executive Director, Institutional Securities Tech)
  • Nationwide Building Society: Rich James (Technology Lead)
  • NatWest Group: Sergio Pereira-Lopes (Identity Service Portfolio Transformational Lead)
  • RBI: Matthias Fleischmann (Group Product Leader of Fraud Transaction Monitoring)
  • RBI: Robert Ruzitschka (DevOps Guild Lead)
  • Red Hat: Ann Marie Fred (Senior Principal Software Engineer) and Siddharth Pareek (Vice President Consulting, NatWest Group)
  • Siemens AG: Dr. Peter Fassbinder (Principal Expert PLM Process Innovation)
  • TATA Consultancy Services: Manikandan Balasubramanian (Enterprise Agile Coach) and Mohammed Musthafa Soukath Ali (Head – TCS Strategic Initiative, Agile Practitioner, Author)
  • TCS: Dhruba Chaudhuri (DevOps SRE Site Reliability Engineering Process Design Specialist Functional Lead) and Leena Pradhan (Delivery Excellence)
  • TJX: Bala Madhusoodhanan (Principal Architect)
  • Visible: Steve Pereira (CEO)
  • Tasktop: Naomi Lurie (Vice President of Product Marketing)
  • Tasktop: Carmen DeArdo (Senior Director, VSM Research and Design)
  • Tide (LaunchDarkly): Giorgos Ampavis (Vice President of Engineering)
  • LinearB: Dan Lines (Co-Founder & COO)
  • Synopsys: Michael Dahl (Regional Sales Manager)
  • Grundfos (Synopsys): Kim Hyldgaard (Lead Security Architect)
  • BT (GitLab): James Moverley (Senior Designer)

Networking Opportunities—Both Structured and Unstructured

Having speakers available for Q&A on Slack while their talks aired opened up a new form of interaction that is only available in a virtual format.

To that end, my friend Jeff Gallimore and I have established different ways for people to learn, and ask/answer as many questions as possible. We believe the quality of the audience is something that separates DevOps Enterprise Summit from other conferences, and the more we can incentivize interactions amongst attendees, the better.

Here are the formats you can take advantage of during the three-day event:

  • Gather: The new hangout spot during the conference. We’ve been building our own 2D online world, and will use it to facilitate the “hallway track”, happy hours, and even our popular Birds of a Feather sessions. Thanks to LaunchDarkly for their support in making it possible.
  • Speaker Q&As: A dedicated way to connect with speakers directly after their presentations and during scheduled hours each day of the event.
  • Birds of a Feather: Similar to the DevOpsDays unconference sessions, with less structure than a Lean Coffee format, and these sessions are driven by specific topics that attendees want to discuss and learn about. Hosted in Gather.
  • Virtual Happy Hours & IT Revolution Author Ask Me Anything Sessions: Dedicated time for attendees to gather and make new connections.
  • Conference Slack Workspace: A place for people to connect with speakers, attendees, and sponsors. This is where the majority of interactions and announcements take place, including the popular speaker Q&A during the airing of their talks.

To preview DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual – Europe, and learn more about the conference, please watch previous videos of our presentations and download the slide decks in the Video Library.

As a thank you for taking the time to read this article, use code EUR22PREVIEW for $150 off when you register.



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