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Enterprise Technology Leadership Summit

Europe Virtual  |  24-25 April 2024

An IT Revolution Event hosted by Gene Kim

As a leader, how do you create a high-performing technology organization?

After examining case studies from our library of over 1,300 talks by leaders who have built high-performing technology organizations, we've found that exceptional leaders excel in these three key areas

People: Navigating both personal career paths and those of their team, and effectively driving cultural change.

Process: Understanding sociotechnical systems to help their organization adopt more modern ways of working, such as DevOps, Product, Platform, and SRE.

Technology: Sufficient domain expertise on a breadth of topics to make important decisions about technology.

The Enterprise Technology Leadership Summit provides a unique platform to address the specific needs of technology leaders through first-hand knowledge and experience reports.

Connect with fellow industry leaders, share experiences, and gain practical knowledge to accelerate your business and create a more impactful and humane work environment. The Enterprise Technology Leadership Summit ensures you’ll become a better leader, armed with the insights and talking points to drive tangible change in your company.

"The conversations that emerged in real-time and through the evening 'back home' have been open, honest, positive and vulnerable - and it's this community's stimulus through talking and sharing that makes this possible."


Ways of Working, Nationwide UK

"Still amazed at this conference's ability to come year after year and still provide a wealth of new and fresh ideas to share!!"

Matt Ring

Sr. Product & Engineering Coach, John Deere

"I think this could be the best conference from a content fit perspective."

Philipp Göllner

CEO/Founder, XALT Business Consulting GmbH

"Stunned. Just stunned at the community here. All of the sessions. The books. The surprisingly intimate AMA sessions. Just wow!"

Frotz Faatuai

Tech Systems Engineering Technical Leader, Cisco

"I've enjoyed how the conference continues to bring not just great talent, but people of influence within their organizations. It tells me that our community continues to grow, not just with engineers and practitioners, but with leaders among the giants of industry."

Garrin Ball

DevOps Leader, Delta Dental of Michigan

"This is exactly what I was needing. Stories, personas and challenges that I could relate to."


BNP Paribas