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Industrial DevOps

By Suzette Johnson, Robin Yeman

Build Better Systems Faster

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Coming in October 2023!

Applying the theory, practice, and learnings from Agile and DevOps as it has been applied in the software community, has the potential to dramatically improve the development and delivery of cyber-physical systems. Companies that solve this problem will increase transparency, reduce cycle time, increase value for money, and innovate faster. Simply, they will build better systems faster, and they will become the ultimate economic and value delivery winners in the marketplace.

  • Publication Date October 3, 2023
  • Pages 320 (tentative)
  • Dimensions 6 x 9 inches
  • Paperback ISBN 9781950508792
  • eBook ISBN 9781950508808
  • Audiobook ISBN 9781950508822

About the Book

The benefits of adopting agile ways of working are well-understood in the digital world. But those in cyber-physical systems (combining software, hardware, and firmware) think it is risky. But with today’s speed of change, maybe the risk is in not changing.

Industrial DevOps: Build Better Systems Faster shows readers how applying Agile and DevOps ways of working into cyber-physical systems presents the opportunity to reap huge rewards, including increased adaptability, shorter delivery schedules, reduced development cost, increased quality, and higher transparency into delivery.

This book shows you how to couple the results of Agile and DevOps implementation in development with Lean and Agile in manufacturing. Through a successful application of 9 key principles, Industrial DevOps provides the foundational success patterns for the development of cyber-physical systems in the digital age. The benefits that have been obtained across industries can be transferred to the cyber-physical domain and they have the potential to provide an even greater impact in the delivery of products.

Suzette Johnson
Robin Yeman
Suzette Johnson

Suzette Johnson

Enterprise Lean-Agile Strategy and coach with an interest and passion for promoting and implementing Agile practices and DevOps in large-scale software/hardware systems environments. Primary customers are DoD and Federal government.

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Robin Yeman

Robin Yeman

Chief Technical Officer at CCTI | TEDx Speaker | Author

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