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State of DevOps Survey needs you!

You probably already know how proud I am to be associated with the annual State of DevOps Survey and Report — over the last five years, working with Alanna Brown, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, Nigel Kersten, and Puppet, we’ve gathered data on over 20,000 respondents, to better understand the health and habits of organizations using DevOps principles and patterns. You
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Getting Your Presentation Submission Accepted for DevOps Enterprise Summit in 2017

Since 2013, we’ve reviewed nearly one thousand submissions for our Call for Presenters for DevOps Enterprise Summit. In this post, I wanted to share my top advice and tips to maximize your chance of submitting a presentation proposal that gets accepted. Fellow programming committee member Damon Edwards and I gave an hour-long webinar on this topic, and we were joined
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Citations from The DevOps Handbook

I wrote previously about some of the statistics about The DevOps Handbook: 5+ years in the making 23 chapters 48 case studies 101,365 words (134,000 with the index) 48 images 509 endnotes 192 footnotes Personally, I have a tremendous sense of satisfaction about the 509 endnotes. In some ways, the citations (in the form of endnotes) show the foundations that
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RECAP: DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2016

What an amazing week we had at DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16)! I just want to say “thank you!” to all the incredible speakers, sponsors, staff and, of course, our participants, for making this our best conference yet. This year, IT Revolution, along with our Founding Partner Electric Cloud, hosted more than 1,300 attendees in San Francisco for three days of
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DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (DOES16): Day Two

  Day Two Highlights The second day of the DevOps Enterprise Summit is a wrap! And, what a great two days it has been. With about 1,300 DevOps professionals in attendance, this year’s conference is clearly established as the premiere industry event for our industry. The last two days have been incredibly well-received, as DevOps executives and professionals have done a tremendous
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DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (DOES16): Day One

Day One Highlights Today kicked off Day One of the third-annual DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco. With nearly 1,300 attendees and 50-plus sponsors on hand, the conference has consistently grown to become the “go-to” event for enterprise IT professionals. The reason? There are many. First, you can start with the quality and format of the speaker sessions. All sessions are
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DOES16 Webinar | Leading Change in San Francisco

This time next week, we will be in San Francisco with over a 1,000 of our closest friends at the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16). The event is an experience unlike any other featuring premier education and networking for technology leaders at large, complex organizations. With the help of, we just got a taste of the key themes and conversations
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Recap from DOES16 Speakers Live Chat #4

On October 25, Gene sat down for one of the final #c9d9 preview episodes of the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit. Episode #55 featured five speakers from DOES16 — Ashish Kuthiala (Sr. Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise), Rosalind Radcliffe (Distinguished Engineer for DevOps for IBMz at IBM), Jayne Groll (CEO of DevOps Institute and President of ITSM Academy), Paula Thrasher (Application
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10 Experts Reveal Patterns that Forecast DevOps Success

A recent #c9d9 LiveChat hosted by Electric Cloud featured DevOps leaders speaking at DOES16. During that event, guests were asked a question that elicited such valuable answers that we need to share it with you here. Question: What pattern you’ve seen has led to radically improved outcomes? 1. “The number one [pattern], I’d say is collaboration, increasing collaboration.” & “One [type] is forced
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How to Design With Conway’s Law in Mind

Part 3 of 4: Where to Start with DevOps Series Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing the necessary steps to start your DevOps transformation. In week one we covered the three key components to consider in choosing a starting place in this post: Selecting Which Value Stream to Start With And then in week two we covered
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