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Live Video Chat #1 with DevOps Enterprise 2016 Speakers

The annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES), now in its third year, will take place this November 7-9 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Each year, the conference aims to identify and amplify the best practices enterprise business and technology leaders need for driving successful IT transformations. We’re excited to offer a variety of experience reports from large, complex enterprises
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Hear from Allstate, Johnson & Johnson, Hearst, Raytheon, and more

New Speakers for #DOES16 San Francisco At DevOps Enterprise Summit, most of the presentations follow a very specific “experience report” structure—each speaker describes their organization and their industry, the business problem they faced, where they started their transformation, what they did, and the business outcomes. It’s a simple format but very powerful because it helps other people facing the same problems learn how
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DOES Europe 2016: Courage is Not Optional (cont’d)

In my previous post I talked about re-defining what legacy means in organizations that have been around for centuries, and the courage required to empower teams to adopt DevOps without forcing practices on them. I ended that post talking about the challenge that enterprises face when they try to extend DevOps success beyond self-contained initiatives/applications: backend systems that are slow
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DOES London 2016: Courage is Not Optional

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 in San Francisco last October felt very different from the other DevOps conferences I usually attend. It felt very exciting as well. Large organizations, typically conservative (if not secretive) in their external communications, coming forward with stories of progress and challenges in their DevOps journey. They’re leading the pack of Horses by presenting impressive numbers in
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Three Takeaways from DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016

Hello, all — For those of you who attended or spoke at the 2016 London DevOps Enterprise Summit, I wanted to give a big “thank you!” For me, it was an utterly fantastic event, because I learned so much from how leaders are transforming large, complex organizations and getting phenomenally improved outcomes in terms of fast feature flow from development
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Tom Clark, ITV, Advocates for DevSecOps, Saying Businesses Must Have Agile Security

The DevOps Enterprise Summit London is right around the corner now. Looking forward to gathering together with directors, managers, executives and DevOps practitioners from around the globe who are wanting to take the next step in modernizing their business. We will get to share successes and failures, tips and tricks, and inspire one another through expert keynotes, panels and breakout
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DevOps Handbook is coming!

Preview copy for each delegate at DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2016 As you likely know, I never learn more than during the DevOps Enterprise Summit, where we have technology leaders from large, complex organizations share their transformation stories. Part of the magic is that all the stories are in the form of 30-minute experience reports. We asked speakers to tell
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3 weeks, 3 more reasons to attend

In these final 3 weeks leading up to the DevOps Enterprise Summit, here are 3 more exciting reasons for you to join us in London. No. 1: The DevOps Handbook and Author Signing Following in the footsteps of The Phoenix Project, this fall, Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis will release The DevOps Handbook: How to Create
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CXOTalk Interviews DOES16 London Speaker Ron van Kemenade, CIO of ING Bank

It’s no secret that the financial services industry is undergoing major disruption and transformation. As such, Ron van Kemenade, CIO of ING Bank and DevOps Enterprise Summit London speaker, sits down with Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer at 7Summits, to share his strategic narrative around the IT transformation journey and explains the global impact of digital transformation initiatives on banking. As a
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Margo Cronin from Zurich Insurance Tells Us Twice to Listen as a First Step to Driving DevOps Transformation

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing interviews with some of our renowned DevOps Enterprise Summit London conference speakers. This week, we continue on our journey to London with Margo Cronin, who worked as the Head of Technology Architecture at Zurich Insurance and has more than 20 years of experience in technology as both an architect
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