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DevOps Handbook Author Highlight Reel

Many of you may already know who Jez Humble, Patrick Debois, and John Willis are… but even for those who are familiar with their work, you can read more about the history of my relationship with my fellow co-authors on this post. Here are some of my “best of” videos and blog posts for each of them. John Willis One of
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The Authors of The DevOps Handbook

An amazing group of co-authors to tackle this topic I have never learned as much during any project than researching and writing The DevOps Handbook. And so much of that learning was from my fellow coauthors. I love the saying, “You’re only as smart as the top five people you hang out with.” Writing a book is like so many
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The Next DevOps Enterprise Live Chat is Set and It’s Going to Be Awesome!

Can you believe that the DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco (#DOES16) is only two months away! This year, we’re thrilled to have many speakers (representing Docker, Capital One, Nationwide, GitHub, Heroku and more) coming back for a second, or even third, time to share new insights related to what we consider to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences
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Recap from #DOES16 CrowdChat #1

Yesterday morning, we hosted a DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016 (DOES16) San Francisco CrowdChat with several speakers from the upcoming event. It was a full house with lots of lively discussion from Steve Mayner, SAFe senior program consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc. Pauly Comtois, VP of DevOps at Hearst Alexa Alley, DevOps program manager at Hearst Paula Thrasher, director of digital
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DOES16 Live Video Chat Recap and Replay

  Earlier today, we hosted the first of several DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16) video chats with our founding partner Electric Cloud, as part of their Continuous Discussions podcast (#c9d9). Why? To give attendees a preview of what to expect in November, of course! Today’s episode was led by Gene as he spoke with a handful of upcoming DOES16 speakers, including
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2016 Schedule Is Live! Vote DevOps and get 20% off

We’re so excited for the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco. This conference is shaping up to be the best one yet. We’ve got a line-up of repeat speakers who will share their progress one or even two years later, as well as a whole new group of DevOps leaders with so much wisdom and experience to share. All-conference
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Live Video Chat #1 with DevOps Enterprise 2016 Speakers

The annual DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES), now in its third year, will take place this November 7-9 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Each year, the conference aims to identify and amplify the best practices enterprise business and technology leaders need for driving successful IT transformations. We’re excited to offer a variety of experience reports from large, complex enterprises
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Hear from Allstate, Johnson & Johnson, Hearst, Raytheon, and more

New Speakers for #DOES16 San Francisco At DevOps Enterprise Summit, most of the presentations follow a very specific “experience report” structure—each speaker describes their organization and their industry, the business problem they faced, where they started their transformation, what they did, and the business outcomes. It’s a simple format but very powerful because it helps other people facing the same problems learn how
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DOES Europe 2016: Courage is Not Optional (cont’d)

In my previous post I talked about re-defining what legacy means in organizations that have been around for centuries, and the courage required to empower teams to adopt DevOps without forcing practices on them. I ended that post talking about the challenge that enterprises face when they try to extend DevOps success beyond self-contained initiatives/applications: backend systems that are slow
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DOES London 2016: Courage is Not Optional

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015 in San Francisco last October felt very different from the other DevOps conferences I usually attend. It felt very exciting as well. Large organizations, typically conservative (if not secretive) in their external communications, coming forward with stories of progress and challenges in their DevOps journey. They’re leading the pack of Horses by presenting impressive numbers in
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