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What’s Your Sigma?

Are you a one in a million?  This is a tongue in cheek post that might shed a little bit of light on statistics. The other day I was having an interesting conversation with a successful entrepreneur friend of mine and we were discussing how hard it is to get a startup exit let alone more than one.  I have
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Q&A: Gary Gruver and Tommy Mouser, authors of Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale

We asked coauthors Gary Gruver and Tommy Mouser to answer a few questions about the challenges and triumphs with large-scale DevOps transformations. You also can download an excerpt of Leading the Transformation or learn a little more about this latest publishing effort here at IT Revolution. Enjoy! What problems do you see executives struggling with as they lead an enterprise-level
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About the Book: Leading the Transformation

Gary Gruver and Tommy Mouser wrote Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale based on their decades of combined experience leading enterprise-level IT transformations at both HP and Macy’ According to coauthor Gary Gruver, the book is written as a “quick, easy-to-read guide for executives to learn about the new development approaches and how to lead their
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Introducing the next phase of publishing for IT Revolution!

At IT Revolution, we see our role as finding more ways to help bring DevOps theories, practices, and tools to the widest possible audience. In the past year, we’ve worked hard on that in a variety of ways: DevOps Enterprise Summit – The 2014 Summit sold out, so we have expanded it for 2015. The conference brings together the best
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2015 State of DevOps Report

Today, we are really excited to announce the publication of the 2015 State of DevOps Report. This is our third year of creating the Report with Puppet Labs, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The Report shows again that organizations that use DevOps practices deploy faster without affecting reliability and stability. We found there is one question that
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The Price is Right

A Glimpse inside the Economics of Book Publishing DISCLAIMER: One of the areas we have been working on here at IT Revolution is the practice of continual learning. We have found that putting a focus on learning pushes us to ask better questions as we work to understand the community we serve. This post is heavy on the economics of
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Karōjisatsu – In Plain English Burnout is Killing Us (Video)

This is a recent video I did at the NYC Devopsdays (2015) event based on this post “Karōjisatsu“. Here is a link to the slide deck. Karōjisatsu – In Plain English – Burnout is Killing Us from John Willis

The Phoenix Project Book Club?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve had several inquiries come in from various organizations and groups for a list of discussion questions for The Phoenix Project. Now that the book has sold nearly 90,000 copies, we thought it was pretty likely that you were already discussing the book and had some great questions you might want to share. Post a
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What I Learned: The Phoenix Project Audiobook

My first project as editorial director here at IT Revolution was to produce the audiobook version of The Phoenix Project. I have worked on many books as editor, project manager, designer, proofreader, and marketer in both print and digital. I was the primary copyeditor for The Phoenix Project back in 2012. I had never done an audiobook until now, so I thought I’d
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About 7 years ago, I moved back to Atlanta. The cloud thing was just getting started and I decided to start a local cloud meetup group.  One of the earlier attendees was a gentleman named Walter.  Walter was one of the more passionate participants in the early days of the meetup.  It turns out that Walter was a hardworking independent
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