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A Conversation with Chris Jackson, Director of Cloud Product Engineering at Pearson

    The DevOps Enterprise Summit London is getting closer and we can’t wait to gather together with both U.S. and EMEA directors, managers, and executives looking to take the next step in modernizing their business through DevOps. We will get to share successes and failures, tips and tricks, and inspire one another through expert keynotes, panels, and breakout sessions.
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DOES16 London: Agenda is Live! + New Speakers + Bonus Track

When we first set out to host a DevOps Enterprise Summit in London, we planned for one keynote track, one programmed breakout track, and one sponsor track. Due to the abundance of amazing stories from the DevOps community, we’ve added an additional programmed track. See the Agenda >>> Take a Look at the Latest Speakers We’ve added the final round
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Guest Q & A with Mark Schwartz, author of The Art of Business Value

The study of business value seems obvious at first—after all, over the course of our careers, we’ve all seen which activities create value and which ones waste everyone’s time. But what if our grasp of what business value really is, is not quite right to start with? In his new book, The Art of Business Value, the indomitable Mark Schwartz shows us that understanding business
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Updates on DevOps Enterprise Summit London

Get practical advice from fellow technology leaders We’re just a little less than 7 weeks away from the inaugural DevOps Enterprise Summit London (#DOES16), and I have some exciting updates on the conference speakers and what you will gain in exchange for two days spent with fellow leaders in enterprise organizations. If you can’t make it to London in June,
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How DevOps Can Fix Federal Government IT

There are two words that seem to never go well with each other, bureaucracy and DevOps. Actually, they’re almost complete opposites- bureaucracy is inherently slow and difficult to make significant change within, while DevOps is everything but! Smaller, newer companies are able to implement DevOps practices more easily because they are nimble, and the decision making power lies with small
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Check out the latest speakers for DevOps Enterprise Summit London

As a vendor-neutral conference, DevOps Enterprise Summit curates stories that are from the enterprise point-of-view. Most of the presentations follow a very specific “experience report” structure—each speaker describes their organization and their industry, the business problem they faced, where they started their transformation, what they did, and the business outcomes. It’s a simple format but very powerful because it helps
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See Gene Kim speak in London + Early Bird tickets on sale!

                    After TWO sold-out events in the US, the DevOps Enterprise Summit is headed across the pond and adding another event in the heart of London! Gene Kim will deliver a keynote presentation, so be sure to attend. DevOps Enterprise Summit is the only conference that offers a full immersion experience
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Behind the Scenes of the 5th State of DevOps Survey

  “I only got four hours of sleep last night. I woke up after an anxiety dream about deadlocks in the database.” Anyone who has run an online service probably knows this feeling. And this is what Jez Humble wrote on our Slack channel, 24 hours before the launch of the 5th annual State of DevOps Survey. As I have
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Submit your proposal for DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco!

The theme for this year’s #DOES16 San Francisco conference is Leading Change. We want to hear stories from the leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The submission deadline is midnight PDT, May 2, 2016. All submissions will be notified by June 17, 2016. Get details >>>                    
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The Art of Business Value

Mark Schwartz, a leader in the field of Agile and DevOps practices and business intelligence, brings us The Art of Business Value in 2016. Schwartz pulls lessons from his professional expertise in the field of information technology to explore the concept of business value and how our understanding of it is a key element to creating a thriving organization. Author,
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