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Uncovering The DevOps Improvement Principles At Google (Randy Shoup Interview)

In the previous blog post, I described Dr. Steven Spear’s amazing book called The High Velocity Edge, and his model of the structure and dynamics of high-velocity organizations. In this post, I will summarize the two hours of interviews I did with Randy Shoup to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of the causal model of how organizations doing
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Book Review: “The High Velocity Edge” by Dr. Steven Spear

In this blog post, I am going to tell you about the book The High Velocity Edge by Dr. Steven Spear. This book has influenced me tremendously, and especially for the two major projects I’m currently working on: the upcoming DevOps Cookbook (which we finally completed our first manuscript draft, which early reviewers will see sometime this week) and the
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DevOps Enterprise Summit Videos

Thank you for making the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014 such a success. Not only was it evident that a community of practice exists that cares about implementing DevOps principles and practices in large, complex organizations, it’s obviously a vibrant one. At the conference, we assembled 50 speakers who shared their journeys, and as well as 700 fellow travelers with similar
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Organizational Learning And Competitiveness: Revisiting The “Allspaw/Hammond 10 Deploys Per Day At Flickr” Story

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Stoneham, currently the is CEO of Opsmatic. In 2009, he was the general manager of the Yahoo Communities business unit, of which Flickr became a part of. Yes, 2009 was also the year of the famous John Allspaw and Paul Hammond Velocity “10 Deploys A Day” presentation about
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At A Glance: 2014 DevOps Enterprise Summit Speakers, Attendees and Submissions

I’m extremely excited to share with you some of the details on the selected speakers for the DevOps Enterprise Summit (, as well as information of the attendees who have already registered. In our call for speakers, we asked practitioners and leaders to submit their stories of how they’ve transformed how software and services are delivered in large, complex organizations
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Interview with David Ashman, Chief Architect at Blackboard Learn

IT Revolution interviewed David Ashman on his definition of DevOps, his DevOps journey, and how DevOps has affected Blackboard. This is the first of a series of interviews with DevOps practitioners. For audio, click here. Todd:  Good morning! Welcome to the IT Revolution Podcast. I’m your host today, Todd Sattersten, and today I’m talking with David Ashman. He’s the Chief Architect
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Gartner Risk-Adjusted Value Model: Resource Guide for “The Phoenix Project” (Part 4)

In "The Phoenix Project," Bill and John use the GAIT-R principles and methodology (described in far more detail here) to discover how all the top company objectives on the CFO’s two-page PowerPoint slide deck rely on IT. (This blog article continues the description of the "body of knowledge" that underpins "The Phoenix Project," which started in Part 1: Reading Lists,
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Audit 101 For DevOps: Resource Guide for “The Phoenix Project” (Part 3: Correctly Scoping IT Using GAIT and GAIT-R)

This blog article continues the description of the “body of knowledge” that underpins “The Phoenix Project,” which started in Part 1: Reading Lists and Part 2: Kanban And DevOps. Bad things happen to organizations when we scope incorrectly the IT portions of an audit, regardless of the type of audit (e.g., financial reporting such as SOX-404, contractual obligations such as
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Kanbans and DevOps: Resource Guide for “The Phoenix Project” (Part 2)

This blog article continues the description of the "body of knowledge" that underpins "The Phoenix Project," which started in Part 1. In short, kanban boards are awesome. They appear prominently in "The Phoenix Project" as the mechanism to visualize work, limit WIP and ensure fast flow, especially where work crosses organizational boundaries (e.g., between Dev and Ops) or bottlenecks (e.g.,
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The Amazing DevOps Transformation Of The HP LaserJet Firmware Team (Gary Gruver)

In this blog post, I want to share with you one of the most startling stories of DevOps-style transformation I’ve ever seen. It’s a truly remarkable story for a variety of reasons: they improved the productivity of developers by 2-3x, but it wasn’t for software supporting a website.  Instead, it was for the firmware software that supported the enterprise HP
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