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January 6, 2023

10 Years of IT Revolution

By IT Revolution

It’s a new year and for IT Revolution, 2023 marks a very momentous occasion. Ten years ago on January 10th, 2013, The Phoenix Project was published and a little company named IT Revolution was born.

That’s right, 2023 is our 10-Year Anniversary! 🎉

This year, we’re going to celebrate in a number of ways, and we want to bring all of you in on the celebrations.

The Book That Launched It All

To start, we want to celebrate our anniversary with a gift to all of you. On January 10th of this year, we will be making the ebook edition of The Phoenix Project free for 24 hours! (Some restrictions apply.)

It’s no secret that this book not only launched IT Revolution but propelled DevOps to a whole new level. Since its publication, The Phoenix Project has sold over half a million copies, spawned fan fiction and games, been translated into multiple languages, and improved the lives of technology workers around the globe. In 2019, Gene Kim published the developer’s side of the story in The Unicorn Project.

The Birth of a Company and a Community

The publication of The Phoenix Project brought about more than just a book. With it came the birth of IT Revolution and DevOps Enterprise Summit, both of which have strived to honor our original mission to elevate the state of technology work, quantify the economic and human costs associated with suboptimal IT performance, and improve the lives of millions of IT professionals around the globe.

Since 2013, IT Revolution has published a library of 20 books, selling over 1.5 million copies, produced 48 guidance papers, a biannual journal, and over 500 articles. All of which have been authored by enterprise technology leaders, industry luminaries, and community members like you.

The Phoenix Project also prompted coauthor Gene Kim to found DevOps Enterprise Summit, an annual conference for technology leaders. Presentations at DevOps Enterprise Summit emphasize the evolving business, technical, and architectural practices, and the methods needed to successfully lead widespread change efforts in large organizations.

Since its first event in 2014, DevOps Enterprise Summit (known as DOES to many in the community) has hosted 17 events on two continents, featured over 1,000 presentations from more than 500 companies, pivoted to a virtual experience through the pandemic and then successfully returned to in-person in 2022. The community around this event has grown exponentially and spawned long-lasting, influential relationships.

A Year of Celebrations

Throughout the year, we will be celebrating our anniversary with a series of articles outlining our history and our learnings. We’ll be conducting interviews with founder Gene Kim, IT Revolution authors, community members and more. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for more special events, giveaways, and other fun ways to celebrate 10 years with the most extraordinary community!

And you won’t want to miss DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas this fall, where we’ll host a birthday bash to remember!

Here’s to an amazing 2023.

- About The Authors
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IT Revolution

Trusted by technology leaders worldwide. Since publishing The Phoenix Project in 2013, and launching DevOps Enterprise Summit in 2014, we’ve been assembling guidance from industry experts and top practitioners.

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  • Anonymous Jan 10, 2023 3:07 pm

    What an amazing journey and what a change moment for our industry. I was there at the first DOES in San Fran, and have attended many more both in person and virtually. The Phoenix Project is still the first book I recommend to newcomers. DOES has opened so many doors for me, and brought me into contact with so many thought leaders over the past 10 years. A huge thank you to Gene and the team for leading and continuing to lead. Here's to the next 10 years of success.

  • Anonymous Jan 8, 2023 10:04 pm

    Happy 10th !!! Thanks ITRevolution for all the great information and books that changed the way people’s thinking - thanks for all the authors for their valuable contributions - keep us enlightened for future years as well.

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