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March 24, 2021

Announcing Season 2 of The Idealcast with Gene Kim

By Gene Kim

I loved Season 1 of the The Idealcast because it was a way to further learn from some of the people I admire most within the DevOps Enterprise community. It has really helped me clarify, in my own mind, why organizations work the way they do—both in the ideal and not ideal—and what the conditions are to really enable greatness

Season 2 is going to be incredible because it includes guests from outside the DevOps Enterprise community whose work I truly admire.

We’ll hear from Admiral John Richardson, formerly Chief of Naval Operations for four years, as in the highest uniformed officer in the US Navy. He was responsible for the 300,000+ sailors in the US Navy. And he was formerly director of the US Naval Reactors, where he was comprehensively responsible for the design and operation of all seagoing nuclear reactors and the US Navy fleet, which was discussed across numerous episodes in Season 1. And now here we have the guy whose job it was to run that!

Dr. Ron Westrum, famous for the Westrum Organizational Topology Model, will also be joining us. I interview him twice, and he’ll also be speaking at DevOps Enterprise Summit Virtual Europe. Everyone within the DevOps community should recognize his name, and it was a total trip talking with him and learning what drove his interest.

The list goes on.

Season 2 of The Idealcast is full of tremendous people both outside and inside the DevOps community. They show how the magic that makes DevOps work is applicable in so many other domains.

Be sure to listen to the first season and subscribe for the new season here.

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