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The Idealcast
with Gene Kim
Conversations with experts about the important ideas changing how organizations compete and win.
In The Idealcast, multiple award-winning CTO, researcher and bestselling author Gene Kim hosts technology and business leaders to explore the dangerous, shifting digital landscape. Listeners will hear insights and gain solutions to help their enterprises thrive in an evolving business world.
Full episode transcripts are available on the episode pages.
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Latest Episode

In part two of this two-part episode on The DevOpsHandbook, Second Edition, Gene Kim speaks with coauthors Dr. Nicole Forsgren and Jez Humble about the past and current state of DevOps. Forsgren and Humble share with Kim their DevOps aha moments and what has been the most interesting thing they’ve learned since the book was released in 2016.

Jez discusses the architectural properties of the programming language PHP and what it has in common with ASP.NET. He also talks about the anguish he felt when Mike Nygard’s book, Release It!, was published while he was working on his book, Continuous Delivery.

Forsgren talks about how it feels to see the findings from the State of DevOps research so widely used and cited within the technology community. She explains the importance of finding the link between technology performance and organizational performance as well as what she's learned about the importance of culture and how it can make or break an organization.

Humble, Forsgren, and Kim each share their favorite case studies in The DevOps Handbook.

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Past Episodes

Personal DevOps Aha Moments, the Rise of Infrastructure, and the DevOps Enterprise Scenius: Interviews with The DevOps Handbook Coauthors (Part 1 of 2: Patrick Debois and John Willis)

Simplifying The Inventory Management Systems at the World’s Largest Retailer Using Functional Programming Principles

Fabulous Fortunes, Few Failures, and Faster Fixes from Functional Fundamentals: Scott Havens's 2019 DevOps Enterprise Summit Talk with Commentary from Gene Kim

Open Source Software as a Triumph of Information Hiding, Modularity, and Creating Optionality

Exploring COVID-19 and Just-In-Time Supply Chains, Chaos Engineering, and the Soviet Centrally Planned Economy

Unleashing Human Creativity to Deliver 8K+ COVID Vaccines Per Day and Improve the Overall Healthcare System

Patterns of Generative Cultures: How They Can Be Destroyed and the Importance of Trust with Dr. Ron Westrum

The Sociology and Typologies of Organizations, and Technical Maestros with Dr. Ron Westrum

Leadership, Radical Delegation, and Integrated Problem Solving with Admiral John Richardson

Leadership Development and Balancing Creativity and Control

The Rise of Knowledge Work, and its Structure and Dynamics

The Principles and Practices behind Team of Teams 

David Silverman's 2020 DevOps Enterprise Summit London - Virtual Presentation with Commentary from Gene Kim

The Principals and Practices behind Team of Teams

The Surprising Implications of Architecting for Generality

Micheal Nygard's 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit Presentation with Commentary from Gene Kim

Architecture as the Organizing Logic for Components and the Means for Their Construction

The Topography of Problems and the Importance of Distributed Problem Solving 

Dr. Steven Spear's 2019 and 2020 DevOps Enterprise Summit Talks on Rapid, Distributed, Dynamic Learning with Commentary from Gene Kim

The Pursuit of Perfection: Dominant Architectures, Structure, and Dynamics

Elisabeth Hendrickson's DevOps Enterprise Summit Presentations with Commentary from Gene Kim

Achieving Better Outcomes Through Structure

Dr. Mik Kersten's 2018 DevOps Enterprise Summit Talk with Commentary From Gene Kim

Digital Disruption and the Five Ideals

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What People Are Saying
"Another mind-opening episode of The Idealcast... Hard to believe this content is free."
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Umberto Nicoletti
DevOps Team Lead
"Mike Nygard's interview with [Gene] and [The Idealcast] are fantastic.
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Scott Prugh
Chief Architect and SVP Software Engineering, CSG
"Loving [The] Idealcast interviews. I listened to the first one 4x, the second 2x, then this last one 2x."
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Randy Shoup
VP Engineering and Chief Architect, eBay
"I've been really enjoying The Idealcast with Gene Kim...Nicely done."
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John Calloway
Independent Consultant, Microsoft MVP
"Highly recommended for anyone interested in technology, org design & dynamics, systems thinking. Love it! Thank you [Gene Kim] for creating this!"
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Sophie Weston
Senior Platform Engineer, Anaplan
"Great conversations with experts about the important ideas changing how organizations compete and win."
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Eric Robertson
Vice President of Product Management, Onit
"Thoroughly enjoyed listening to [Gene Kim's] new podcast during my lunch time stroll."
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Daniel Bryant
Product Architect at Ambassador Labs
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About the Host: Gene Kim

Gene Kim is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He has been studying high-performing technology organizations since 1999 and was the founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years. He is the author of six books, The Unicorn Project (2019), and co-author of the Shingo Publication Award winning Accelerate (2018), The DevOps Handbook (2016), and The Phoenix Project (2013). Since 2014, he has been the founder and organizer of DevOps Enterprise Summit, studying the technology transformations of large, complex organizations.

In 2007, ComputerWorld added Gene to the “40 Innovative IT People to Watch Under the Age of 40” list, and he was named a Computer Science Outstanding Alumnus by Purdue University for achievement and leadership in the profession.

He lives in Portland, OR, with his wife and family.

Conversations with experts about the important ideas changing how organizations compete and win.
Conversations with experts about the important ideas changing how organizations compete and win.
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