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October 20, 2016

DOES16 Video Chat #3 Recap

DevOps Enterprise Summit San Francisco 2016

We’ve officially begun our countdown—20 days until the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES16) begins! This week, we continued our DOES16 video chat series with the third of four discussions. The chat, hosted by our founding partner, Electric Cloud as part of their Continuous Discussions podcast (#c9d9), featured several DOES16 speakers, each offering a glimpse into the topics they will cover at the highly anticipated event.

Moderated by Gene Kim, it featured insight from Anne Marie Fred, IBM; Kaimar Karu, AXELOS; Steve Mayner, Scaled Agile, Inc.; Jeffrey Payne, Coveros; and Julia Wester, LeanKit. The speakers covered a variety of topics, including incorporating design into the development function, bridging the gap between ITIL and DevOps, gaining control of predictability, using automation and technology to break down silos during change initiatives, the latest research on transformational leadership, current obstacles in the DevOps space, and the speakers’ favorite DevOps patterns for radically improving outcomes.

Live Chat

DOES16 kicks off on November 7 in San Francisco, where dozens of top-notch speakers – including some of the most influential minds in DevOps – will gather to share personal stories about the DevOps transformations they’ve led and/or experienced. Many #DOES16 sessions will go beyond technical transformations, exploring the human side of DevOps and how DevOps practices impact organizational culture. Attendees will leave the event with new views on DevOps and the different approaches that work, as well as practical ways they can improve their own personal DevOps journeys.

Thanks again to the wonderful and knowledgeable group of panelists who joined our discussion today. We can’t wait to see what each has in store for us next month as they present at DOES16.

If you haven’t registered for DOES16 yet, space is extremely limited: register now.

You can watch the full episode here:

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