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January 30, 2024

Red Alert at IUI: Serialized Novel & Podcast Tackle Modernizing IT Governance

By IT Revolution

Think your organization has its IT governance challenges under control? Think again.

Here at IT Revolution, we’re excited to take you on an unprecedented inside look into the urgent, high-stakes scramble many leaders now face to truly transform outdated governance and meet intensifying digital demands.

Launching tomorrow in written and podcast form, we’re bringing you the full novel Investments Unlimited: A Novel about DevOps, Security, Audit Compliance, and Thriving in the Digital Age as a serialized blog and audio series. This exciting adventure depicts the relentless 90-day effort of trailblazing engineer Michelle to erect “guardrails for the digital age” before catastrophic regulatory penalties trigger total meltdown.

If you’re still straining under a complex matrix of manual audits, legacy systems, and compliance bottlenecks that throttle innovation speed? Then Michelle’s against-the-odds mission to architect automated accountability will have you on the edge of your seat.

Follow along as she navigates skeptical executives, interfaces disjointed teams, and integrates opposed security/engineering cultures to shift transparency and security left into the deepest source code. Every hard-learned lesson about the human hurdles still frustrating modernization will hit home for those struggling to reconcile flexibility with appropriate control.

Can ingenuity and empathy overcome inertia and ego before the audit clock expires? The answer holds sweeping implications for Michelle’s career, her CEO’s legacy, and the jobs of thousands at fictional but all-too-familiar Investments Unlimited Inc (IUI).

Tune into the premiere chapter across IT Rev’s blog and podcast feed right now. Then settle in every Wednesday for the next shocking installment documenting IUI’s urgent modernization marathon. Where could oversights still lurk inside your own organization’s parallel push toward ironclad yet agile governance?

Don’t get left behind the digital curve! Digest this vivid case study to stress-test your current structures against the most compelling new automated alternatives. With regulators ratcheting up expectations exponentially, no enterprise can afford governance gaps or cultural complacency. Heed the red alerts echoing from IUI’s trench warfare as Michelle’s squad strives to shift compliance left.

Then steel your own teams to sidestep similar near-catastrophe! Navigating the balance between risk and speed has never been more crucial as external oversight intensifies. Reinforce the guardrails now with Investments Unlimited!

This hybrid novel/podcast delivers a rare ringside seat to the bleeding edge of governance reform battles. Assign chapters for required reading, share posts with colleagues, and center urgent digital check-ups around IUI’s unfolding transformation journey over the weeks ahead!

Investments Unlimited was written by Helen Beal, Bill Bensing, Jason Cox, Michael Edenzon, Tapabrata Pal, Caleb Queern, John Rzeszotarski, Andres Vega, and John Willis. It was published by IT Revolution. 
The audio is narrated by Rachel Fulginiti. And the podcast host is Bill Bensing.

The full novel can also be purchased in paperback, ebook, and audiobook format right now at your favorite retailer.

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