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For the third year in a row, we held the annual DevOps Enterprise Forum virtually. For eight years, this forum has brought together the brightest minds in current DevOps, Agile, Lean thinking, and the new ways of working that are necessary to meet the challenges of the technological revolution.

This year, in addition to industry leaders and experts from across the enterprise technology sector, we welcomed two groups from the US Department of Defense to discuss the unique challenges the armed forces face in meeting the technological challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Over the course of the three days, this group worked together to identify and create written guidance for the top problems facing the technology community, including information security vulnerabilities like the Log4j supply chain event of 2021; the continued importance and challenges of effective modern leadership; the ongoing and evolving role of the platform; and much more. 

Additional thanks go to this year’s DevOps Enterprise Forum sponsor, LaunchDarkly.

Papers included in this issue:

  • Good Consulting: Helping Organizations and Consulting Agencies Build Successful Engagements by Adrian Cockcroft, Jason Cox, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Courtney Kissler, John Rzeszotarski, Brian Scott, Caleb Wolfe

  • Software is Eating the Battlespace: Strategies for Operating at Mission Speed in a Modern Digital Battlespace by LtCol John Schreiner, Jondavid Black, Col. Corey Brunkow, Virginia Laurenzano, Rob Nolen, LCDR Andres Otero, Rick Jack

  • Responding to Novel Security Vulnerabilities: Learning from Log4Shell/Log4J by Randy Shoup, Dr. Tapabrata "Topo" Pal, Michael Nygard, Chris Hill, and Dominica DeGrandis

  • Overcoming Barriers to Industrial DevOps: Working with the Hardware-Engineering Community by Dr. Suzette Johnson, Robin Yeman, Dr. Harry Koehnemann, Jeffrey Shupack, Hasan Yasar, Ben Grinnell, Deborah Brey, Steve Farley, and Josh Corman

  • Measuring Leadership: The Impact of Informal Leaders in a Modern DevOps Organization by Adam Zimman, Lee Barnett, Julia Harrison, Tamara Ledbetter, Dean Leffingwell, Christof Leng, Steven Mayner

  • The Role of a Platform: Enabling Full-Stack Software Engineers to Their Fullest Potential by Satya Addagarla, Josh Atwell, Mik Kersten, Thomas A. Limoncelli, Sara Mazer, Steve Pereira, Jeff Tyree, and Christina Yakomin

  • The Developer Platform: Run Your Platform like a Business within a Business by Rosalind Radcliffe, Charles Betz, Betty Junod, Ravi Maduposu, Luke Rettig, Mark Imbriaco, Levi Geinert

  • Organizing for Success: Why Many Government Software Factories Are Dying While Others are Thriving by Trent Hone, Gene Kim, Dr. Steve Spear, Col. Brian Beachkofski, LtCol Max Reele, Captain Jay Long, Major Jesse Cooper, Rick Jack, LtCom Andres Otero, LtCol John Schreiner, Col Jeff Worthington
The DevOps Enterprise Journal shares evolving technology and architectural practices for better, safer, happier technologists and enterprises. This bi-annual journal collects the ideas, tools, and practices that business and technology practitioners need to develop and deploy software and business strategies that delight their customers and position their businesses to win in the Digital Age.
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