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December 8, 2021

Announcing Immersion Courses: An On-Demand Learning Experience

By IT Revolution

Since the publication of The Phoenix Project in 2013, IT Revolution has been dedicated to helping improve the lives of technology workers around the world. We’ve worked to spread the word on best practices in DevOps through the ongoing publication of books and papers. We’ve invited the top thought-leaders and practitioners from across industries to present their learning at the DevOps Enterprise Summit. We’ve brought business leaders from inside and outside the tech world to share the leadership practices in intimate interviews on The Idealcast podcast. And now, we’re inviting you into the classroom to learn directly from experts.

“What we saw from our community was a need to dive even deeper into the materials we were producing,” says Anna Noak, Editorial Director for IT Revolution. “They kept asking if there was a training for this book or that book. So we wanted to fulfill that need.”

Thus, Immersion Courses was born.

These on-demand courses are designed to expand your mind, to improve your organization’s culture, and to help accelerate your future. Taught by IT Revolution authors, researchers, and leaders who are the best in their field, Immersion Courses give a deeper understanding of the theory while also providing the opportunity to apply and practice the latest skill sets.

“These courses are designed to be hands on,” says Alex Broderick-Forster, Director of Marketing at IT Revolution. “And they’re taught directly by the authors, so participants get an intimate and detailed experience.”

Participants will be able to go at their own pace and at whatever time works best for them. As you work through the video workshops, exercises, quizzes, and more will help you validate your learnings and apply and retain the knowledge. Plus, each course will be accompanied by exclusive instructor-created materials to help you continue your learning journey after the course is complete.

“This is one of the most exciting new opportunities we’ve been able to bring to our community since we began the DevOps Enterprise Summit. And it’s something our community has been directly asking for, so we’re delighted to provide it for them,” Gene Kim, founder of IT Revolution.

The first Immersion Course, Making Work Visible Core Concepts with Dominica DeGrandis, is now available. In this Immersion Course Dominica DeGrandis, renowned authority on flow efficiency, dives into the fundamentals needed to better understand your workflow and, thus, find the inefficiencies in your organizations.

“I’ve spent the last 20 years working with teams to help them make their work visible,” says DeGrandis. “Trying to help them improve their workflow and all of them talk about their major pain points. The same themes come up over and over again. I really want to help you  become the voice of reason, because someone is going to influence your boss and it might as well be you.”

Using easy to follow lessons, Dominica shows how making work visible, value stream management, and flow metrics can affect change in your organizations. This six-part, on-demand course also includes an exclusive workbook with exercises to help students test out and apply the concepts in the course in real life.

Stay tuned for more Immersion Courses coming in 2022 from other IT Revolution authors.


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